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Welcome to the Khelraja Family!

Namaste! Claim Your Namaste Bonus at Worth ₹25,000 On Live Casino and Exciting Welcome Bonuses on Sports Betting Now!

Khelraja is an Asian iGaming company that offers sports betting, casino, and esports betting. With a Gaming Curacao licence under our belt, we have always prided ourselves on the way we combine recreation with reliability. Our presence in Thailand and Indonesia, where we operate as E-Kings, being a fitting testament to it.

Khelraja Official Site Review - Updated 2024

When some popular Bollywood actors are promoting a website, there must be some weight to it, isn’t it? Esha Gupta is the brand ambassador of Khelraja and has been actively promoting it. There is no shame in trying your luck once in a while.. Right? This is the main reason that Khelraja has had thousands of sign ups and players who vouch for its authenticity and honesty.

Title - Website Name Khelraja
Founded and Launched 2021
Governed by Kings Technology Services N.V.
Licence Curacao
Licence Number 365/JAZ (GLH-OCCHKTW0709152021)
Mailing Address Zuikertuintjeweg Z/N (Zuikertuin Tower), Willemstad, Curacao
Currency INR, EUR, USD and Many More
Welcome Bonus Namaste Bonus, First Day First Deposit, Exclusive Sportsbook Bonus.
Payment Systems UPI, Net Banking, E-Wallets
Available Destinations Sports, Live Casino, Slots, Poker, Lottery, E-Sports, Edge Cricket, Edge Cock Fighting
Types of Bonuses Namaste Bonus and More
Minimum Deposit 200 INR
Maximum Deposit 50,000 INR (Depends on VIP Levels also)
Minimal Output 200 INR
Maximum Output No Limit
Mobile Apps Android, iOS
VIP Program Available
Hotline +639152151800 (WhatsApp)
Mail [email protected]
Online Chat Available 24*7
Social Media and other means of communication Telegram @Khelraja, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

How to Register at

Sign Up Page

This is as simple as A B and C – no, really. All you have to do is click on the Sign-up button located on the top right of our beautiful page, follow an even simpler set of instructions and Bob’s (or insert any other name) your uncle! In case you face any issues, you can get in touch with our support team – available 24×7 – at [email protected].

Khelraja is exclusively made for the Indian citizens and betting enthusiasts. So, only the Indian citizens can Sign Up to the Khelraja website. When you register with Khelraja, you are asked to share your Indian phone number for verification. The website sends an OTP which is then used to verify the phone number before your account can be created.

Registration process on the website and the mobile application is practically the same. So, you shouldn’t have a problem signing up from either of the platforms.

Note: We don't accept $wag money.

Know the step-by-step process: 

Step 1: Visit the Khelraja official website:
There is a Sign Up button towards the upper right-hand corner of the website. Click to register.
Step 2: A window pops open
The registration form would require you to add some information about yourself like username, phone number, OTP, email, and password.
Step 3: Agree to the terms and conditions
Tick the box of agreement to the bonus policies and terms and conditions.
Step 4: Create my Free Account
Go back and recheck all the information that you have added and then click on Create my Free Account to get started.

Once you have registered at, you will receive a confirmation email and a message with all the details. The registration process hardly takes a few seconds. Completion of the registration process leads to creation of a gaming profile. Once this is done, you can start adding money to your account and start betting on the games of your choice. Bonuses for first time users and recurring customers are also made available for higher excitement and enthusiasm.

How to make Deposits and Withdrawals at Khelraja Online?
Okay, no jokes here. A seamless transactional experience being atop our priority list, Khelraja offers multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, making the entire procedure both efficient and quick. Once you have registered, you can choose from any of the payment options available and start playing!

How to Login Khelraja?


If your account is already created, login to Khelraja should not be difficult. Just add your username and password and you will be able to instantly log in to your account. Khelraja has literally made betting easier than ever before.

To make logging in simple and easy, we recommend that you save your username and password to your browser. So, next time you won’t have to think twice before logging in. You will not have to put in the information and logging in will be easy. In case you have forgotten your password, the forget password button can be used to change your password. An email will be sent on your registered email address. The link will help you reset the password and you will be set to go.

How to Engage in Sports Betting on Khelraja?

A Detailed Betting Guide for Khelraja

The whole purpose of registering at Khelraja was to start betting, isn’t it? Now, in order to start earning some real money from your investment, you must know how to start betting on sports of different kinds. At Khelraja online, you can find detailed information on the sports events and the varied markets. The website also has a smart betting program that allows the players to check the different betting options that are available. So, if you want to start betting right away, check out the following steps.

Login Page

Step 1: Log in
Enter the username and password that you used to register to the website.

Step 2: Select Sportsbook and the Particular Sport
Fill the coupon as per your bet.

Step 3: Confirm Bet and Get a Betting Coupon
Once the bet is placed, all you have to do is wait for the match results

There are minimum bets that are accepted by the website. So, check the details of the minimum amount and the welcome bonuses that you can get before you actually start playing. Khelraja team is very upfront and offers excellent bonuses for regular players.

Khelraja - Best Online Cricket Betting and Casino App Bonuses


We are in absolute admiration of the art of giving, which is why we offer some of the most mouth-watering bonuses as soon as you become part of the family. There is a bonus on every single gaming category you choose at Khelraja, so do not worry, your preferences will not be a problem for you. Like sports betting? We have a bonus for you. Like casino gaming? We have a bonus for you. Like esports? Worry not, we do have a bonus up our sleeve for you, too!
Let us take you through these bonuses:

Namaste Bonus: Ah, this one is our favourite. We like our welcome grand, and that is why you get a 100% Namaste bonus up to a massive ₹25,000 on our live casinos! Utter insanity!

First Day-First Deposit Bonus: Are you a slots person? Would you like to take a good, long shot at the slot? Well, we have the father of all bonuses for you: a 400% bonus up to ₹25,000! Come on, then! Take your shot!

Sportsbook Bonus: This one is for all those beautiful beings obsessed with sports. Whether you like kicking a ball about or the wooden willow given a whack – yeah, we mean cricket – or any of the other 3,322 sports that exist in the world, at Khelraja, we give you a 150% first-deposit bonus up to INR 4,000. That’s a lot more than the number of sports that exist on this planet. Off you go to bet on your favourite sport, Champ!

Sports Fever Reload Bonus: Just because it’s not your first day doesn’t mean we stop showering them bonuses on you, right? That would be rude, wouldn’t it? But we are not rude. We are the loveliest beings of them all, which means you get a 10% reload bonus up to ₹5,000 every day on sports betting! Woot woot!

Casino Ka Raja Reload Bonus: Remember we told you that we won’t stop loving you regardless of whether it’s your first day or your 3261376th day at Khelraja? We really do stand by that promise with our 5% reload bonus up to ₹10,000 on live casino every single day. Would you believe it? Every. Single. Day!!

Take a Shot on Slot Reload Bonus: Do you also remember when we told you to take a shot on slot? We are saying that again because there’s a 5% reload bonus up to ₹15,000 on slot every single day. Want to hear it louder? Yes! Every. Single. Day!

Daily Reload Bonus: These reload bonuses really are getting out of hand, aren’t they? How kind are we? Answer: too much! So much so that we give a 15% daily reload bonus up to INR 1,000 every day, y’all! Everyday!

You know what to do next!

Deposit Methods in Khelraja

Deposit Page to display the methods of payments

To make betting easy and fun, Khelraja has made it very easy for our players to deposit funds and withdraw earnings. Every betters’ journey starts with depositing the money in the first place. From this stage itself, Khelraja makes you feel like a king and the team is right there at the forefront awaiting you! Within a few minutes, your account is set up to grandness. With so many options available, deposit is made as easy as a walk in the park.

Let's show you the steps you need to follow:

  1. Log in to your account using the username and password you created
  2. You will see a deposit button right next to your name on the upper right-hand corner side. Click on that button.
  3. You will be immediately redirected to the page with different payment options. Khelraja offers a wide variety of choices for you to pick from. Making it all the easier and faster to get the deposit done.
  4. Click on the necessary amount of funds you want to be credited in your account.
  5. You are all set to start betting.

Within 15 minutes, Khelraja showcases the money available for use.

As you have sufficient information about the deposit process, it is high time we tell you more about the deposit methods that you may opt for. The payment systems are carefully designed to serve the Indian market. There are several different types of methods made available to make the process seamless and quick. Check them out in the following table:

Payment System Minimum Amount Maximum Amount Commission Time
Deluxe E-Wallet 500 INR 50,000 INR None Instantly
Axis Bank 200 50,000 INR None Instantly
HDFC Bank 200 50,000 INR None Instantly
Deluxe UPI 500 50,000 INR None Instantly
HTPAY UPI 500 INR 50,000 INR None Instantly
Ethereum 0.01 No max limit None Instantly
Bitcoin 0.0001 No max limit None Instantly

Withdrawal Methods in Khelraja

Withdrawal methods

Now that the Deposit Methods are clear, what do you want to know next? How to withdraw your winnings right? Here, we go. So, before you will be allowed to complete your first withdrawal, it is essential for you to complete your KYC. With this, we are only trying to protect your interests in the best possible manner. We just want to make sure that we are giving you the winnings and not anyone else.

Check out the following steps to know what you need to do next!

Step 1: Log into your account.
Step 2: Click on the deposit button and look for the withdrawal option on the top.
Step 3: Enter the withdrawal method, bank name and the amount.
Step 4: Enter your password.
Step 5: Click on withdrawal.
Step 6: Wait for the money to be credited into your account.

You just need to add all your information and direct bank transfer will be made to your account. Khelraja makes sure that all your confidential information is kept safe. We never want you to be another victim of cyber threat or crime. So, we have stringent systems in place to get you the most secure transactional platform for your betting desires.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 INR and the maximum that you can take out in one go is 100,000 INR. The maximum withdrawal limit might also depend on the player level achieved on the website. The higher player level you are at, the more benefits you collect from us. Khelraja does not restrict the number of transactions you can have per day but the maximum amount that you can withdraw is 1,000,000 INR. Now, that is huge! Isn't it?

We don't keep you waiting. Even the smallest amount can be important for you. So, let’s go ahead and get started!

Khelraja - Best Online Sports Betting App in India

At Khelraja, we do not believe in restricting our players from experimenting and experiencing all the different facets of gaming and sports betting that we have in store! When you become a part of our family, we expect you to go all out and enjoy every bit. Grab your popcorn, snacks and beers. We are about to take you on a roller coaster ride. The sportsbook section allows you to bet on the following types of sports with ease:


  1. Soccer
  2. Basketball
  3. E-Sports
  4. Tennis
  5. Badminton
  6. Baseball
  7. Volleyball
  8. Boxing
  9. Cricket
  10. Virtual cricket
  11. Cycling
  12. Football
  13. Ice Hockey
  14. Handball
  15. Rugby League
  16. Snooker & Pool
  17. Motor Racing
  18. Table Tennis
  19. American Football
  20. Beach Volley
  21. Counter-Strike
  22. Darts
  23. Golf
  24. Snooker
  25. Waterpolo

The main areas where you can make some serious bets and win some big money are cricket, soccer, tennis, and esports.

It is the ultimate destination for the majority of Indians. When it comes to cricket, it's often treated as a religion. Khelraja knows you too well, now don’t we? So, we have tried our best to cover all the important and recent tournaments that might interest you. Whether it is in India or abroad, we cover practically every league that you can think of. We consistently update the events and show the upcoming ones as well on our Sportsbook so you know exactly what to expect in the days to come. Some of the different types of matches we cover are:

  1. Test Matches
  2. ODI Tours - National and International
  3. T20 Leagues
  4. T10 Championships
  5. Inter-state championships

The odds are made at a decent level. We make sure that the information on ongoing and future matches are outlined and updated every day.

In this section you will be able to check out every soccer match and tournament in the world. Latest updates are shared live so you have the chance to keep a check on your bets and change them whenever you want. There are so many different levels and divisions available that you can literally be overwhelmed with where to start. The simplicity of the website design enables even a naive or a new player to get the bets in without any problems.

Khelraja doesn't let you rest with a whole range of Tennis tournaments also lined up in the corner. Very few people actually know that Tennis is one game where the maximum number of tournaments are typically held. Even cricket and soccer as a sport are unable to match the frequency of the matches. As the number of events have risen, so has the fanbase of tennis players across the globe. While Khelraja makes it a point to bring across every tournament that you can think of, here is a quick look at the leading championships that you can bet on:

  1. Challenger Nur-Sultan.
  2. ITF W25 Nur-Sultan.
  3. ATP Gstaad.
  4. ATP Hamburg.
  5. WTA Hamburg.
  6. WTA Palermo.
  7. Challenger Indianapolis.
  8. Challenger Trieste.

Betting is not something that you can do with eyes closed and thinking its going to be left on luck. You gotta have some knowledge about the teams and the players before you can jump right in the deep end. The odds are decent but they are not going to make you rich if you don't use some knowledge before placing that bet.

eSports is a very popular category among the young and hot-blooded generation of India. The days of just playing the simple trivia or arcade games are long gone. The new generation wishes to actively participate in the competitions and be a part of the excitement. Standing on the railings and just shouting the names of favourite players is definitely not enough for the next gen people. Some of the leading names of esports games that Khelraja supports for betting are:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Dota 2
  3. CS: Go
  4. King of Glory
  5. Valorant
  6. Rainbow 6

Now that you have the whole boat load of information in your brain, it's time to start betting. Get rolled into the betting fever and earn the added cash you need to bring your dreams to reality. If sports is not where you stop, Khelraja has a big section of casinos for the best .

Khelraja - The Best Live Casino App Download in India

khelraja app

We can't expect everyone to have a soft corner for live sports betting app in India right? Guess what, Sports is not the only way you can make some extra cash. Khelraja believes in giving you the most exotic and thrilling experiences. The website carries a whole display of casino games with aesthetic value and a spice of realism. Just like in sports betting, Khelraja brings to you the experience of Las Vegas right on your smartphones and computers.

Khelraja has something in store for everyone. Whether you’re looking to be the Prince of Poker, the Badshah of Baccarat, or indeed the master of casino classics like Andar Bahar, Roulette, Teen Patti, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo, we have it at all, ready to be served on a royal platter from a variety of world-class providers at the best online casino app in India.

While you start scouting around from 1000s of games, we give you an immediate list of games that you can pick from:

  • Diverse Types of Roulette Games
  • Diverse Types of Baccarat Games
  • Game Shows like - Crazy time, Funky time live, Monopoly Big Baller, Deal or No Deal Live
  • Andar Bahar Games
  • Diverse Blackjack Games
  • Rocket Dice
  • Music Wheel
  • Crazy Pachinko
  • Video Poker Live
  • Scibo and much more

Whether you are already a master at the game or starting to learn the different games, Khelraja is the perfect place to begin your outstanding journey. We would love to be a part of your story with a diverse number of casino themes and options. It doesn’t matter which game you begin with - Roulette, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Blackjack etc. The point is are you willing to invest your time and money into learning and becoming the boss at every table you check in to?

Before you visit Las Vegas, let’s polish your casino skills so you have a fair chance when competing against the best in the world. If you are looking for the best casino game provider in the industry, Khelraja has an answer to your question, before you even ask for it. A sorted variety of casino games are available for you to pick from.

Khelraja adds every inch of glamour, realism and thrill to every casino room. The gaming experience is targeted towards giving a wholesome experience to the players. In India, a Las Vegas styled city does not exist. So, to bring in that flavour and vigour, Khelraja has introduced an outstanding online platform that blows the minds of visitors at each step of the way!

The Khelraja Live Casino is how we introduce the Khelraja Way of giving our users a King's treatment. Brought with grace, laden with style and soaked in glamour, Khelraja's Live Casino takes you straight to the Bellagio with its regal interface and dazzling dealers who are committed to make your experience as wonderful as it can be.

Just imagine: you're in Las Vegas with some of the most gorgeous dealers around you and each of them giving you the attention you’d ideally want. Sounds tantalising, doesn't it? Well, here is the good news: that is just what you will get in our Live Casinos. And that’s not all, we make your experience even better with the kind of bonuses we offer, like the 25,000 Namaste Bonus! That’s like an offer of a lifetime and if we were you, we wouldn't want to miss out on it.

You don't have to think twice, for you do not have to do a lot. Just head to, sign up and start playing. How easy is that? Essentially, you are getting the chance to visit Vegas from the comforts of your sofa.

The Khelraja Mobile App

khelraja app

Most of the platforms tend to start with a website and gradually take their time to develop a mobile application. At Khelraja, every attempt is made to bring the best experience right from the beginning. We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to play at your own convenience. So, the Khelraja App is readily available for anyone to download and enjoy betting on the go!

Khelraja App is available for both Android and iOS users. The app can be downloaded for free directly to any device. With just a couple of clicks, you can create an account and start your betting spree right away. There is practically no difference between the functionalities and aesthetic value of the website and the app.

The app was designed with a vision of an excellent user interface and smooth functionality. Every Khelraja bonus is also available on the app as on the website. The registration process and the customer support is exactly the same on the app as well. So, begin your betting journey with India’s best online betting app and platform.

Why Pick Khelraja to be Your Betting Partner in India?

Khelraja Advantages with content

Khelraja online platform is ranked among the best betting websites in India. Let’s give you a low-down on the main reasons why you should pick Khelraja today:

  • Distinguished odds
  • Diversity of betting markets
  • Extensive number of Casino games
  • Different Slot Themes and Jackpots available
  • Easy to use website and comfortable navigation
  • Betting facilities available in Indian Rupees
  • 0% commission on transactions
  • High number of bonuses and promotions available
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Social Media presence

We can go on and on about the main reasons why you need us. But they won’t be enough unless you are actually ready to try your hand at India’s biggest and the best online sports betting website - Khelraja.

Khelraja Support - 24*7 Service for Players

Khelraja Support Page

One of the most annoying problems that typically players face on betting websites is the absence of a good support system. The customers deserve to be given complete and 24*7 support as they are literally betting in real time. Every coin they spend on betting on sports or casinos is important for them. Khelraja completely understands that Customer Support is the key to a loyal and long term relationship as well. So, we give round the clock services with relationship managers who are trained to take care of our players. We even have dedicated support professionals for VIP players.

Check out the details of our contact information as follows:

  • Online Chat: Available 24/7 on the website or app.
  • E-mail: [email protected].
  • WhatsApp: +63-9152151800
  • Telegram: @Khelraja
  • Social Media Presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

On all these platforms, the team of Khelraja is readily available to help the players in every way possible!


As Khelraja works with thousands of customers who may have several questions about the working of the website or the betting process. Our representatives are professionals and skilled individuals who are present at your service 24*7. We value the interests of our customers with the maximum diligence. So before you ask us any questions, we bring to you answers to questions that are most frequently asked by our existing customers.

Question 1: Is any verification required after the registration?
Answer: The website does not require you to verify your identity. However, in some cases, the customer support representatives may ask for a copy of your documentation to verify your existence. Some of the different types of verification documents that you might be asked for include: government authorised cards, passport, driving licence etc. The document should have a clear picture of the individual in question.

Question 2: What if a refusal to give documentation is done?
Answer: In case an individual refuses to provide the documentation or the information that is asked for, the website has the right to close the account and stop any proceedings on the account in question. Every player is required to share authentic information if it is asked for. The refusal to provide the same is against the company policies and regulations.

Question 3: What are the different kinds of information that Khelraja needs about players?
Answer: Khelraja website owners and operators tend to collect different kinds of information about the player or the user. The main purpose of the data collection is to ensure that the best services are provided to the players and based on the feedback, improvement in the services is carried out. Some of the different types of information collected by Khelraja includes - Phone numbers, email address, cookies, usage data etc.

Question 4: On which social media platforms can you contact the team of Khelraja?
Answer: You can contact the team of Khelraja on almost every social media platform. Some of these include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Question 5: Are there the same types of bonuses for players throughout the website?
Answer: The bonuses that are showcased on the website are the same for all players. However, the type of additional bonuses may vary based on the type of game you are interested in playing. For example, for players interested in casinos, the bonus percentage may be different from that of players who are paying more attention to the sportsbook or the betting section. The percentage may also vary depending on the VIP level of the player.

Question 6: Does Khelraja follow the guidelines of responsible play?
Answer: Khelraja definitely takes all measures to ensure that responsible gambling is done on the website. The website follows a particular set of rules and regulations that are designed to assist players and inform them of the best practices. We also offer protection to our players and protect them from the negative impact of gambling.