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Casino Bonus Offers

If Khelraja were an airline, our instruction would have always been to not fasten your seatbelts at all, for every ride with us is so riveting and rewarding that you would want to mosh around, which means the seatbelts would be as useless as the bonus offers you get on most iGaming websites. They would tell you you have unlocked a ₹5,00,000 bonus and the next thing you know, you are required to deposit ₹1,00,00,000 at least ten times, use a deposit method that is available only in Antarctica and jump off the Eiffel Tower at least 9999 times to be eligible. Translation: you are never really getting that bonus.

At Khelraja, we go about it a different way, our way, so to speak. Which is we have designed the Khelraja bonuses in a way that you can actually avail them. That, too, not on occasions but frequently, so much so that getting a bonus becomes a norm, not an exception. A Nokia phone may run out of battery but we would not run out of bonuses. Is there a better way to put it? Course not.

Now, we can sense you are salivating at the prospect of Khelraja bonuses, which is why we are going to give you a detailed breakdown of every single bonus on Khelraja, so you know which one you crave the most and which one you need to go after as soon as you register/ log in.

First Day First Deposit

First-Day First-Deposit Bonus: Remember your first day at college? Or your first day at school? Yeah, this is nothing like either of those two. What use are we if keep taking a leaf out of your previous experiences and keep throwing them in your face again and again? We like things to be different. That is why your first day at Khelraja is made memorable with a 400% first-deposit bonus up to, yes, you’re right, ₹25,000 on slots!! Would you believe it? The Khelraja slot is worth your first shot, lads.

Namaste Bonus

Namaste Bonus: A Namaste on Khelraja is never an ordinary one. It’s special. It’s grand. It’s welcoming. It’s affectionate – yes, we do love you. All right, let us spill the beans: this is a ginormous 100% first-deposit bonus up to ₹25,000 on live casinos!!!! No, you don’t have to rub them eyes. What you read is true and those zeroes are real, even if it all seems surreal.

Sportsbook Bonus

Exclusive Sportsbook Bonus: Did you really think Khelraja bonuses are limited to casino and slots? We are not like the others, fellas. Just like our sportsbook bonus is nothing like anything else. So tell us: do you like yourself a game of 11 mad men trying to find the back of the net or two men punching the life out of each other? Oh, so you are the kind that likes the game of 11 men and a wooden stick and a leather cherry – yes, we are talking about cricket. Well, whatever it is that you like, we do have it in store at Khelraja. Pick any of the 4784720712390871398103 sports available and bag yourself a monstrous 150% first-deposit bonus up to ₹4,000!!! What a way to get off the mark.

25% Reload Bonus

Sports Fever Reload Bonus: Because a bonus should be a norm, not an exception – you have heard that from us before, haven’t you? This is us officially fulfilling that promise! Of the, yes, pick any random 100-digit number, sports options available, you can bet on any and get a 150% reload bonus up to ₹5,000 every day! Won’t that be cool? You wake up every day, log into Khelraja and bang, you get a mammoth bonus in your account. Team India may or may not win, but you are guaranteed a win!

20% Reload Bonus

Casino ka Raja Reload Bonus: Everyone wants to be the king but not everyone can be the king, at least that is how it works elsewhere. At Khelraja, however, thanks to Khelraja bonuses, everyone can be the king, especially when we are talking about the Casino ka Raja Reload Bonus. Any guesses on the bonus amount? No? Okay, let’s give it to you: it’s a 5% reload bonus up to a stunning ₹10,000. ₹10,000. Ten. Thousand. Goes without saying: it’s not a one-off, you get it everyday!

Slot Reload Bonus

Take a Shot on Slot Reload Bonus: A 5% reload bonus up to ₹15,000 every single day of your life at Khelraja. Who beats this offer? Absolutely no one. No one at all! That slot now looks even more worthy of your shot given the bonus we are looking at.

10% Daily Reload Bonus

Daily Reload Bonus: As the name suggests, we reload your bullet for you everyday. That is how we like it anyway, which is precisely why we give a daily reload bonus up to ₹1,000, y’all! How ridiculous is that? Oh wait, no, that’s perfectly normal for Khelraja.

That is all about the bonuses, then. We are sure you are taken aback with the number of bonuses up for grabs, as you are with the bonuses themselves. So, what stops you now? Okay, wait, got any more questions? Ah, you may be wondering as to what is the process to claim the bonus. This is fairly easy. You just get your beautiful self to Once you are on the website, you will see the log in and sign-up buttons on the top-right. If you have an account already, you can log in using your credentials. If not, you sign-up using a series of very simple-to-follow steps.

Once that is done, you just have to start playing whatever you like – whether it’s betting or casino gaming or esports – and the bonus will walk over to you, hug you and be yours forever. Wow, that sounds like a right love story. Maybe it is. Whatever the term for it, the result is only one: you get to be the king. Now, how is that for an offer?