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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which player has recorded the best bowling strike rates in the history of cricket world cup?

Bowlers are crucial in determining how games turn out in cricket. A bowler’s efficacy on the field can be inferred from their statistics, frequently expressed as bowling averages. The averages of five well-known cricket bowlers from various nations and times are examined in this article. From the dependability of Mitchell Starc of Australia and Mohammed Shami of India to Mustafizur Rahman of Bangladesh’s supremacy over shorter periods, the influential years of the legendary Brett Lee and Lockie Ferguson of New Zealand’s speed sensation. Their averages give an insight into their unique approaches and contributions to their teams while highlighting their skill at claiming wickets.

Without a doubt, bowlers play a crucial role in cricket, frequently influencing the results of games. Statistical indicators, notably bowling averages, capture their skill. This analysis examines the records of five well-known cricket bowlers from various times and nations to highlight their influence. From the unwavering dependability of Mitchell Starc of Australia and Mohammed Shami of India to the momentary brilliance of Mustafizur Rahman of Bangladesh, the heyday of the legendary Brett Lee, and the quick rise of Lockie Ferguson of New Zealand.

Let’s check out the names of the bowlers with the best bowling strike rates in the history of the cricket world cup:

Strike-rate Player Matches Wickets Overs Span
18.6 Mohammed Shami 11 31 96.1 2015–2019
19.1 Mitchell Starc 18 49 156.1 2015–2019
21.6 Mustafizur Rahman 8 20 72.1 2019
23.5 Brett Lee 17 35 137.3 2003–2011
23.9 Lockie Ferguson 9 21 83.4 2019

Lockie Ferguson

Lockie Ferguson played nine games for New Zealand in 2019. His strike rate of 23.9 shows his productivity in the few games he participated in. Ferguson’s quick bowling and aggressive style gave New Zealand’s bowling assault a cutting edge, taking 21 wickets in 83.4 overs. He was a prospective asset for New Zealand cricket because of his ability to constantly cause trouble for batters with his sheer pace and bounce.

Brett Lee

Brett Lee, a legend in Australian cricket, competed in 17 games between 2003 and 2011. His career-long consistency in getting wickets is demonstrated by his strike rate 23.5. Lee became one of his era’s most feared fast bowlers thanks to his scorching pace and aggressive bowling style, taking 35 wickets in 137.3 overs. His influence exceeded his ability to take wickets because of how frequently his sheer pace put batters on the defensive.

Mustafizur Rahman

Bangladesh’s star player Mustafizur Rahman played in 8 games in 2019. His success rate of 21.6 shows how successful is at making significant discoveries. Rahman’s performance this year, which included 20 wickets in 72.1 overs, demonstrated his capacity to help Bangladesh’s bowling team succeed. Thanks to his distinctive variations and cunning deliveries, he was a strong performer in the team’s efforts to confuse opposing batting lineups.

Mitchell Starc

In the same period from 2015 to 2019, Mitchell Starc played 18 games for Australia. He demonstrated his talent for getting wickets at regular intervals with a strike rate of 19.1. Starc’s remarkable total of 49 wickets in 156.1 overs highlights his significance as a key wicket-taker. He added great value to the Australian team’s bowling lineup with his left-arm pace and ability to swing the ball.

Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami, playing for India, showed impressive bowling abilities in 11 games between 2015 and 2019. His effective dismissal of batters is evidenced by his impressive strike rate 18.6. Shami consistently destroys opponents, as evidenced by his 31 wickets in 96.1 overs. His effectiveness during this period was extremely important to India’s bowling attack since he routinely caused batters problems with velocity and accuracy.

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