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IPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the highest career average in the IPL History?

The batting average of a player is counted by the total number of runs that the player scores which is then divided by the number of times that the player is out. It is basically the average number of runs that the batter has scored over the course of the career in a particular tournament, season etc. For this particular section, we give you the highest career average in the IPL history for batters who have played over time. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some spectacular and overreaching records that have blown people away. Some players even got their fan following only after they started playing in the IPL. Others got their long overdue chance to be a part of the cricket tournaments with IPL.

At Khelraja, we motivate the players and respect their passion for the game. Our souls are attached to every tournament and game where players perform more than they are capable of and live for the team spirit. IPL is one place where the respective nationalities are forgotten to play as a team. Let’s check out the highest career average that was recorded in IPL history until now. 

Rank Average Player Teams Innings Not out Runs Period
1 49.23 Devon Conway CSK 20 3 837 2022–2023
2 46.77 KL Rahul RCB/SRH/PBKS/LSG 109 20 4,163 2013–2023
3 41.53 David Warner DD/SRH 176 22 6,397 2009–2023
4 39.96 Lendl Simmons MI 29 2 1,079 2014–2017
5 39.95 Shaun Marsh PBKS 69 7 2,477 2008–2017
  1. Shaun Marsh (39.95)

Shaun Marsh secures the fifth place in the IPL history for highest career average. He has accounted for 39.95 as an average after playing 69 innings and scoring 2477 runs. He has played for 9 seasons in total but left a mark in the IPL records that has not been shaken in the past 6 years by any other batter till now. There are definitely expectations from the new batters, but no one can ever know when history will be actually made. 

  1. Lendl Simmons (39.96)

At the fourth position, we have Lendl Simmons with a career average of 39.96. His average is just one decimal point higher than Marsh. It’s stunning to see the accuracy at which the records are maintained and kept for the players in all forms of cricket. Simmons has played 29 innings and made 1079 runs. He played only for 3 seasons, but his skill has made a strong place in the IPL records. The new players really need to improve their game. 

  1. David Warner (41.53)

No record list is complete without David Warner. In his category, Warner stands on the third position. He carries the average of 41.53 in which he has played 176 innings and made 6397 runs. His statistics are supreme and mind boggling. When you check out the number of records that Warner has made, it can be truly mesmerizing. Warner is a legend that many batters wish to be in their career. 

  1. KL Rahul (46.77)

At the second position in this category, we have KL Rahil with a career average of 46.77. The batter has played on behalf of 4 teams during his IPL career. Despite changing teams, he has remained consistent in his performance and vowed to be a strong part of every team that he plays in. His performance in the Indian International Cricket team is also exemplary. He has played 109 innings in the IPL until now and made over 4,000 runs to prove his worth. Within a period of 10 years, he has literally made a name for himself in the cricket industry. 

  1. Devon Conway (49.23)

At the top of the chart today, we see Devon Conway with the highest career average of 49.23. He has only played 20 innings, but he has scored 837 runs with three instances where he was not out. Devon has not played much when compared to the other players on the list but he has maintained an excellent record and performance in every match that he has played. He has made an effort to improvise himself and pave way for excellence for the rest of his IPL career as well. 

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