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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which player has recorded the highest average in the history of the cricket world cup?

The premier international event for One Day International (ODI) cricket is the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, also known as the Cricket World Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) oversees this illustrious competition. Every four years, the Cricket World Cup, an international cricket competition, is one of the world’s most watched and lauded sporting events. Some great players have left their marks on the Cricket World Cup’s illustrious past, a global exhibition of cricketing brilliance. Some players stand out because of their exceptional batting averages, demonstrating their consistency, skill, and influence.

Below is a list of the top 5 players with the highest averages who serve as role models for aspiring athletes by demonstrating the heights that can be attained with talent, hard work, and undying love for the game.

Average Player Mat Inn NO Runs Span
124.00 Lance Klusener 14 11 8 372 1999–2003
103.00 Andrew Symonds 18 13 8 515 2003–2007
66.42 Ben Stokes 11 10 3 465 2019
65.20 Rohit Sharma 17 17 2 978 2015–2019
63.52 AB de Villiers 23 22 3 1207 2007–2015

AB de Villiers – South Africa (2007–2015)

The current cricketing great AB de Villiers dazzled fans with his creative shot selection and agility. De Villiers displayed his talent during the World Cup, scoring 1,207 runs in 23 matches with an average of 63.52. He was an essential part of South Africa’s batting lineup because of his capacity to keep innings under control and speed up when necessary. De Villiers’ daring strokeplay and knack for controlling bowling assaults gave the competition a unique flavour.

Rohit Sharma – India (2015–2019)

Rohit Sharma has risen to the top of cricket’s elite thanks to his deft batting and remarkable run-scoring abilities. His ability to steadily accrue runs matches his graceful stance at the plate, making him a threatening presence. Rohit has demonstrated his expertise in the World Cup arena by compiling an astonishing 1207 runs across 17 matches, commanding an average of 65.20. His unique capacity to build on solid starts and turn them into meaningful innings highlights his batting knowledge and focus. Surprisingly, his record-breaking performance of five hundred during the 2019 edition further solidifies his status as one of the top ODI openers.

Ben Stokes – England 2019

Ben Stokes showed his outstanding abilities at the 2019 World Cup, personifying the adaptability that characterizes modern cricket. His stunning match-winning display in the final match left a lasting impression on viewers worldwide. Stokes scored 465 runs in 11 games, a commendable total with an exceptional average of 66.42. The cornerstone of England’s impressive World Cup victory was his extraordinary bat-handling combination of aggression and delicacy and his essential contributions at crucial moments. Stokes was a dynamic force on the pitch thanks to his ability to quickly move between power and finesse, underscoring how constantly changing sports are. His contributions were crucial in helping England win the World Cup, cementing their place in cricketing history.

Andrew Symonds – Australia (2003–2007)

Andrew Symonds, a renowned dynamic all-rounder, added a unique flair to Australia’s World Cup efforts. His exemplary playing style resulted in an astounding total of 515 runs over 18 games with an average of 55.85. Symonds’ skill at adapting his strategy to different situations and his formidable power-hitting abilities increased his value as a crucial asset. His crucial efforts in crucial situations, such as his remarkable performance in the 2003 semifinal match against Sri Lanka, highlighted his essential contribution to the team’s victories.

Lance Klusener – South Africa (1999–2003)

Lance Klusener, renowned for his explosive batting and precise finishing, had a significant World Cup effect. Thanks to his powerful hitting, he scored 372 runs at an average of 124.00 in 14 matches. Klusener’s exceptional strike rate and capacity for scoring runs under duress were crucial for South Africa. His World Cup 1999 heroics, in which he scored 281 runs and claimed 12 wickets, were essential in advancing South Africa to the semifinals.

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