- ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Records - Most 50+ Scores

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records – Most 50+ Scores

ICC Men Cricket World Cup


ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which batter has recorded the most 50+ scores in the history of the cricket world cup?

Numerous players have captivated cricket fans throughout the world throughout the history of the game. In addition to leaving their collective mark on the sport, their combined accomplishments have inspired aspiring cricket players worldwide. Numerous batting legends have graced the stage of the Cricket World Cup, the peak of international cricket, with their outstanding exploits. Among these legends, a few players have regularly achieved scores of 50 or higher, demonstrating their supremacy and versatility across various tournament iterations. Let’s examine the top five hitters whose performances in the Cricket World Cup resulted in the highest 50+ scores to go down in history.

No. Player Mat Inn Runs HS 100s 50s Span
21 Sachin Tendulkar 45 44 2278 152 6 15 1992–2011
12 Shakib Al Hasan 29 29 1146 124* 2 10 2007–2019
Kumar Sangakkara 37 35 1532 124 5 7 2003–2015
11 Ricky Ponting 46 42 1743 140* 5 6 1996–2011
10 AB De Villiers 23 22 1207 162* 4 6 2007-2015
Herschelle Gibbs 25 23 1067 143 2 8 1999–2007
Jacques Kallis 36 32 1148 128* 1 9 1996–2011

AB de Villiers, the all-encompassing marvel of South Africa (2007-2015)

AB de Villiers, renowned for his unconventional stroke play and strokes, made an enduring impression on World Cup history. His 50+ scores during World Cup games demonstrate his talent for destroying bowling attacks. He scored four centuries and six half-centuries in 22 innings, with the highest score of 162 not out. In a total of 23 matches, he scored 1207 runs. De Villiers is a fan favourite due to his adaptability and capacity to quicken the pace of scoring.

Australia’s running machine Ricky Ponting. (1996-2011)

Ricky Ponting, a true legend of Australian cricket, guided his squad to numerous World Cup titles with his aggressive style of play and leadership skills. Ponting’s fierce batting style led to many scores of fifty during World Cup campaigns. In 46 matches he participated in, he amassed 1743 runs, including five century and six half-centuries. His highest score is 140, with not out in 42 innings. In his century against India in the 2003 World Cup final, he demonstrated his capacity to deliver on the biggest platform.

Kumar Sangakkara: the epitome of Sri Lankan elegance (2003-2015)

Cricket fans found Kumar Sangakkara a joy to watch due to his grace at the crease. The Sri Lankan left-handed master recorded 50+ scores during World Cup matches, demonstrating his consistency and versatility throughout formats. He recorded five centuries and seven half-centuries and scored 1532 runs in 37 matches. His best was 124 runs in 35 innings. His ability to lead from behind the stumps and direct his team cemented his legacy.

Bangladesh’s beacon of consistency, Shakib Al Hasan (2007-2019)

The Bangladeshi modern all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan is the cornerstone of his team’s batting order. Shakib is known for stepping up to the plate and has five 50+ scores in World Cup games. His highest score is 124, with not out in 29 matches. He scored a total of 1146 runs in 29 innings with two centuries and ten half-centuries. He is a crucial member of his team because of his capacity to lead innings and contribute to both the bat and the ball.

The Master Blaster’s World Cup Odyssey: Sachin Tendulkar (1992-2011)

One of the most successful World Cup performances is Sachin Tendulkar, whose name is synonymous with cricketing greatness. His relentless dedication to the game allowed him to score an astounding 50+ on six occasions. He played in 45 matches and scored 2278 runs with six centuries and 15 half-centuries. In the total 44 innings, his best score is 152. Cricket legends will always be remembered. The Little master’s legendary 98 against Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup demonstrated his ability to perform well under duress.

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