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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which batter has made the record for the most career runs in the history of the Cricket World Cup?

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body of men’s cricket, is organising the Cricket World Cup, a notable One Day International (ODI) competition. The competition has maintained a consistent four-year calendar since its first edition, which took place in England. Although the ICC announced a wish to streamline the format in response to criticism following the 2007 World Cup, team participation and match count have increased. Feedback intended to improve the competition’s structure and appeal impacted this decision. The Cricket World Cup is still the best venue for international cricketing nations to compete for supremacy and display their skills.

These batsmen have constantly performed incredibly as the competition has grown, making their stamp on cricket history. The top five run scorers in the history of the Cricket World Cup are highlighted in this blog, along with their contributions to and effects on the game.

Runs Player Mat Inn HS Avg 100s 50s Period
2,278 Sachin Tendulkar 45 44 152 56.95 6 15 1992–2011
1,743 Ricky Ponting 46 42 140* 45.86 5 6 1996–2011
1,532 Kumar Sangakkara 37 35 124 56.74 5 7 2003–2015
1,225 Brian Lara 34 33 116 42.24 2 7 1992–2007
1,207 AB de Villiers 23 23 162* 63.52 4 6 2007–2015

AB de Villiers

The distinction of having amassed the highest career run total in Cricket World Cup history belongs to AB de Villiers, one of the game’s most versatile and spirited batsmen. He accumulated 1207 runs throughout 8 tournaments from 2007 to 2015. He rose to the top run scorer in the tournament’s history thanks to his exceptional batting ability, creative shot-making, and fearless attitude. He scored 4 centuries and 6 half centuries in 23 matches. His highest score is 162, with an average of 63.52 runs. His record-breaking achievement highlights his influence on the international cricketing scene and solidifies his position as one of the absolute batting legends in the Cricket World Cup’s history.

Brian Lara

The West Indies Brian Lara, a batting prodigy, brought energy to the World Cup stage. Lara’s talent was apparent despite his team’s uneven overall performance. He played in four World Cups between 1992 and 2007, totalling over 1,225 runs in 33 innings. With an average of 42.24 in 34 games, he amassed 2 centuries and 7 half-centuries. Cricket fans will never forget Lara’s incredible strokeplay, which allowed him to destroy even the most challenging bowling attacks.

Kumar Sangakkara

The former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara consistently exuded grace and dignity throughout his outings at the Cricket World Cup. He established himself as one of the best batsmen of the modern era during four tournaments from 2003 to 2015, scoring a fantastic total of more than 1,500 runs. He has an average of 56.74 and scored 5 centuries and 7 half centuries. He played 37 matches and 35 innings. Sangakkara was a key player in Sri Lanka’s campaigns due to his capacity to anchor the innings and accelerate when necessary.

Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, the two-time World Cup champion and a pillar of Australian batting, made an enduring impression with his aggressive and commanding approach. Ponting scored almost 1,743 runs in five tournaments from 1996 to 2011 due to his performances. Thanks to his mastery of the bat and wise leadership, he was a commanding figure on the pitch. Ricky Ponting showed his talent throughout 46 games by amassing an incredible 5 centuries and 6 half-centuries while maintaining an average of 45.86. His desire for big runs in pivotal games significantly aided Australia’s victory in the World Cup.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, frequently called the “God of Cricket,” is proud to have set the record for the most runs scored in a World Cup. In his six tournament appearances (1992–2011), Tendulkar represented India and amassed 2278 runs in 45 matches. He played 44 innings and scored 6 whole centuries and 15 half-centuries, averaging 56.95. He stands out for his graceful strokeplay, adaptability, and mastery of many situations. Tendulkar’s World Cup adventure demonstrated his unfailing dependability and cemented his status as a great sporting legend.

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