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IPL Records: Most Runs Against Each Team

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IPL Records and Statistics: Which players have scored the Most Runs Against Each Team?

When we talk about batters, we also check out the team that they represent and against which team the maximum number of records have been made. Taking this into consideration, the batters can often play better against a specific team when compared to others. This straight away depends on the capabilities of the bowlers and the kind of balls that they throw at the batters. If the bowlers are weak, the batter can definitely make more runs. With the old bowlers, the batters can even judge what kind of balls they should expect to come their way. When this happens, batters can be prepared in advance and make sure that they are scoring the maximum number of runs that they can. 

Khelraja is fascinated with the records that have been made by batters over the course of time. These stats showcase how much trust one can place in a batter and how they will perform in the future as well. If batters and bowlers are good, higher confidence can be levied in the future of a team. The following table shows the maximum runs a batter has made against a particular team:

Opposition Runs Player Teams Matches Innings Period
CSK 1,057 Shikhar Dhawan MI/DC/SRH/DD/PBKS 29 29 2008–2023
DC 339 Rahul Dravid RCB/RR 11 11 2008–2012
DD 1,030 Virat Kohli RCB 28 27 2008–2023
GL 336 David Warner SRH 5 5 2016–2017
GT 218 Ruturaj Gaikwad CSK 3 3 2022–2023
KTK 100 Sachin Tendulkar MI 1 1 2011–2011
KKR 1,075 David Warner DD/SRH 27 27 2009–2023
LSG 219 Faf du Plessis RCB 4 4 2022–2023
MI 901 Shikhar Dhawan DC/SRH/DD/PBKS 28 28 2008–2023
PWI 383 Chris Gayle RCB 5 5 2011–2013
PBKS 1,005 David Warner DD/SRH 23 23 2009–2022
RR 662 Shikhar Dhawan DC/SRH/DD/PBKS 23 23 2008–2023
RPS 271 Virat Kohli RCB 4 4 2016–2017
RCB 861 David Warner DD/SRH 22 22 2010–2023
SRH 791 Sanju Samson RR/DD 21 21 2013–2023
  1. Shikhar Dhawan (901 Runs against MI)

Between 2008-2023, Dhawan has made about 901 runs against the MI and stands on the fifth position in this category. Dhawan played for about four teams against MI during this time. It took him 28 matches to make this score against MI. No other batter has made this score against the MI in total.

  1. David Warner (1,005 Runs against PBKS)

On the fourth position stands David Warner. He is often called as one of the bosses of the IPL matches and tournaments. Warner has made several scores in his name. Against the PBKS, he is one of the highest scoring batters with 1,005 runs. It took him 23 matches to make this score. During the course of this record, Warner played on behalf of DD and SRH majorly. The record was made during a period of 2009-2022. 

  1. Virat Kohli (1,030 Runs against DD)

The third position goes to Virat Kohli for making a total of 1,030 runs against the DD. Kohli has always played on behalf of the RCB and it took him 28 matches to make this record. In the last 15 seasons, Kohli got several opportunities to work against the DD which helped him make this record. No other batter has been able to fight the beautiful bowlers of the DD until now, the way that Kohli has done. 

  1. Shikhar Dhawan (1,057 Runs against CSK)

It has never been easy to beat the CSK. So, when Shikhar Dhawan stands with a total number of runs of 1,057 against the CSK, it calls for a huge round of applause. Dhawan has played on behalf of several teams in the past. But whenever he played against CSK, he scored well. The record was made from the start of the IPL with 29 matches/innings. Dhawan is truly one of the biggest legends in IPL until now. 

  1. David Warner (1,075 Runs against KKR)

David Warner never falls short of giving his name as one of the record owners in any format of cricket today. With this record, Warner indicates that he is one of the best batters that any team can rely on. When playing against the KKR, he has made the maximum number of runs as a batter. No other player has made more than 1075 runs against any other team since the start of the IPL matches back in 2008. Warner definitely deserves a big recognition for his efforts. 

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