- Most Runs in Each Batting Position

IPL Records – Most Runs in Each Batting Position

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IPL Records and Statistics: Which Players have had the Most Runs in Each Batting Position?

When it comes to cricket, we love to keep a record of practically everything. Here we bring to you the records of the batters who have made the maximum number of runs on a particular position over time. Every batter gets the opportunity to come at different positions during the course of the matches. Some batters tend to function better in the middle order when compared to playing as an opener. The comfort may depend on varied factors. Some batters tend to feel more pressure as an opener and thus prefer to come towards the middle order or the third position. It majorly depends on the batter, the captain, the coach and other deciders of the team. 

Khelraja shares with you the records that were made by batters over time as the most runs in each batting position. Dhawan has made the maximum runs as an opener until now with 6, 186 runs. Let’s get you more information about the other batsmen in different positions. 

Position Player Innings Runs Teams Period
Opener Shikhar Dhawan 194 6,186 MI/DC/SRH/DD/PBKS 2008–2023
Number 3 Suresh Raina 171 4,934 CSK/GL 2008–2021
Number 4 Rohit Sharma 86 2,392 DC/MI 2008–2022
Number 5 MS Dhoni 71 1,949 CSK/RPS 2008–2022
Number 6 Kieron Pollard 61 1,372 MI 2010–2022
Number 7 Andre Russell 25 817 DD/KKR 2012–2023
Number 8 Harbhajan Singh 41 406 MI/CSK/KKR 2008–2021
Number 9 Bhuvneshwar Kumar 39 178 PWI/SRH 2011–2023
Number 10 Praveen Kumar 13 86 RCB/PBKS/MI/SRH/GL 2008–2017
Number 11 Sandeep Sharma 15 31 PBKS/SRH/RR 2013–2023
  1. Kieron Pollard (Number 6 Position – 1,372 Runs)

For the Number 6 Position, Kieron Pollard has scored the most runs in this rank. He has made a total of 1,372 runs that has placed him in fifth position in this record category. He retired in 2022 from the MI after playing in the team for about 13 seasons. He has made several runs over the years and slammed centuries that have helped his team win matches over time. He has seen the team struggle and grow over the years. 

  1. MS Dhoni (Number 5 Position – 1949 Runs)

At the fourth position of this category, MS Dhoni stands as the best batter for the number 5 position with 1949 runs. Dhoni’s magic has no bounds. His fan following is a direct reflection of the immense fame and skill on the field. We don’t need many words to describe the impact of Dhoni in cricket. He has a name in almost every cricket record in the IPL today. 

  1. Rohit Sharma (Number 4 Position – 2,392 Runs)

In the third position in this category, we have Rohit Sharma who has scored about 2,392 runs whenever he has played on the fourth position from his team. Although Sharma likes to be one of the openers in most of the cases but when he has played on the fourth position, he has also done wonders. Considering the number of Ducks that Dhoni has given in the 2023 season, the best idea can be to stop opening the matches but rather entering the field in a lower position that does not put too much pressure. 

  1. Suresh Raina (Number 3 Position – 4,934 Runs)

Whenever Suresh Raina plays as a batter at the Number 3 position, he does a fairly good job. He has scored a total of 4,934 runs when he plays at the third position. He has made a strong effort in working hard for his team and offers results that can be a game changer. He has played over 200 matches in the IPL seasons since its beginning.  

  1. Shikhar Dhawan (Opener – 6,186 Runs)

As the opener, our most successful batter is Shikhar Dhawan. He has made 6,186 runs as an opener and when playing at the number two position. This directly reflects that Dhawan has the ability to handle pressure and make sure that his team performs well from the beginning. If the openers of a team are doing well, the rest of the team gets immense confidence and do not have to worry about the rest of the match. Dhawan has made some excellent records with his level-headed behaviour and exceptional performance. 

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