MS Dhoni Controversy in First Qualifier IPL Match 2023

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“Umpires laughing over the incident rather than taking control of the situation is not good enough.” – says Hogg. 

MS Dhoni was recently a part of a controversy in the Qualifier 1 match against the GT in IPL 2023. The controversy also involves the umpires which was not seen as a good sign. Mixed reactions were shown by people on social media on the controversy. While some people called it a bad tactic, others just laughed at it and moved on. The former Australian Bowler Brad Hogg stated that the whole incident should not have happened and the umpires should not have been a part of this. The other international players have pointed out that the umpires should take control of the game and not let players waste time and use it as a strategy. 

Hogg Stated in a Tweet that: “Dhoni using his presence to full effect, luring the umpires into a 4 minute discussion causing time to run out for Pathirana to bowl after an extended break off the field. Umpires laughing over the incident rather than taking control of the situation is not good enough.” 

This incident was seen right after the 15 over was finished in the first innings of the IPL match on Tuesday – 23rd May 2023 evening. Dhoni halted the match for about 4 minutes and was seen in an animated conversation with the team members. Experts are of the opinion that Dhoni purposely did so because Pathirana was not eligible to bowl because he had come to the field after sitting out for a while. Pathirana had to wait for a few minutes before the ball could be handed over to him. Once 4 minutes were completed, Dhoni resumed the match by giving the ball to Pathirana. 

Pathirana is a death over specialist and performed well for the team on Tuesday. Earlier the issue because of which the match was halted was unclear but then experts figured out the fact that Dhoni used it as a tactic. After the contributions of Pathirana, Dhoni was able to drive his team towards victory in this qualifier match and secured their spot in the finals. CSK is now waiting to see which team will win and who they will be competing against in the finals of this IPL season. 

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