Suryakumar Yadav Feels at Home with the MI Team

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Suryakumar Yadav recently stated in an interview that the Mumbai Indians team makes him feel like home and he has got another family in them. When he returned to MI in 2018, he felt like he came back home and he would never like to leave it behind. Before the start of the Qualifier match of the Mumbai Indians (MI) team against the Gujarat Titans (GT), Yadav claimed that the team captain and the coaches have shown immense confidence in him and his skills when they gave him the opportunity to bat higher up in the order. He claims that he feels excited and this is definitely a turning point in his career. This second qualifier match is scheduled to happen at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad at 7:30 PM tonight. 

Suryakumar talks about the family feel he has received in this team since he came back to it in 2018. The batter has shown exceptional performance until now. In a few matches earlier in the season, Yadav took it upon himself to save the team and drive it towards victory single handedly. 

During an interview, he said that “When I returned to Mumbai Indians in 2018, it feels like I returned back to my family, they trusted me a lot, and gave me the opportunity to bat up the order and it was a big turning point. I scored runs in 2018 and my role changed from next year. Then I came to know that my role is going to be this with the team.”

He further added that, “They gave me clarity in my role, and trusted me, it was time I paid them back and take my game to the next level. I tried to take my game to the next level and practised. They travelled 2 steps, I did 4. The bond is strong.”

When asked about MI as a franchise team of the IPL league, Yadav stated that “This franchise will give you everything that helps you become a better player. Be it practice1 facilities, or mental support. It is almost like your home. You just have to put 1 per cent effort, 99 per cent is coming from the franchise.”

Suryakumar is definitely one of the high scoring batsmen in the IPL today. In the last 14 matches, he has made 511 runs and kept an average of 42.48 which is exceedingly good. His best score is recorded to be 103 not out. He has made one century and four fifties for the team and gave performances to the best of his ability. It is now to be seen how Suryakumar Yadav performs in one of the most critical matches for MI this time round. 

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