Top 10 Unbelieveable World Records by Indian Cricket Team

Top 10 Unbelievable World Records by Indian Cricket Team



Top 10 Unbelievable World Records by Indian Cricket Team

Millions of Indians are passionate about cricket, and the national squad has continuously raised the bar for the sport. They have amazed both experts and fans with their incredible world records over the years. These records, which range from Sachin Tendulkar’s century milestones to Kapil Dev’s spectacular hat-trick, showcase the extraordinary talent & commitment of Indian cricket players. These accomplishments have stoked the excitement of cricket fans around the country, in addition to helping the team succeed. They also do betting on the Best Online Cricket Betting App in India. The top 10 unbelievable world records by the Indian cricket team are listed below.

  • Most Sixes to End a Match:

Hardik Pandya made history on March 2, 2016, against Bangladesh in a memorable Twenty20 encounter. In the last over, he hit three straight sixes to seal an incredible triumph for India. This fantastic performance demonstrated Pandya’s poise under extreme stress.

  • Most Centuries:

With an incredible 100 centuries under his belt, Sachin Tendulkar, sometimes known as the “Little Master,” currently owns the record for most centuries in international cricket. His unwavering dedication and exceptional skill elevated him to the status of an actual game legend.

  • First-century in the First Innings:

The first cricketer from India to score a century in his opening innings in a Test match was Lala Amarnath. This remarkable accomplishment was made during the 1936 second Test match between India and England.

  • Hat-trick in the First Over:

Kapil Dev did the extraordinary in the 1991–1992 Test series against Sri Lanka by claiming a hat-trick in the opening over of the match. His outstanding ability as a bowler is demonstrated by his unmatched display of accuracy and expertise in those pivotal deliveries.

  • Most quickly to 200 wickets:

The fastest bowler to 200 Test wickets was none other than R. Ashwin, the Indian spin magician. In just 37 Test matches, he reached this milestone, highlighting his remarkable ability to outsmart batters with cunning and variety.

  • Opener with the most runs:

The role of an opening batter in Test cricket was revolutionized by the daring opener Virender Sehwag. He has the most runs scored by an Indian opener in a Test match because of his bold strategy and potent stroke play.

  • Triple and Double Centuries:

The likes of Virender Sehwag, Karun Nair, and Rohit Sharma, who have amassed triple and double hundreds in Test cricket, have adorned Indian cricket. Their extraordinary talent and potential to push boundaries were on full display during these outstanding innings.

  • Most Skillful Captain:

With his cool head and wise stewardship, MS Dhoni is the Indian cricket team’s all-time captain, with the most matches captained in all formats. During his captaincy, he accomplished many team milestones and led the squad with distinction.

  • Most Balls Faced:

The record holder for most balls faced in Test cricket is Rahul Dravid, popularly known as “The Wall” for his superb technique and defense. He was a powerful force because of his steadfast patience and ability to occupy the crease.

  • Quickest Ton on Debut:

Shikhar Dhawan created waves in his 2013 Test debut against Australia, blasting a century in just 85 balls. This outstanding performance cemented his position as India’s explosive opening batter, and he soon established himself as an essential member of the squad.

Finally, the incredible records set by the Indian cricket team throughout its history attest to the skill, tenacity, and brilliance of its players. The vast legacy of Indian cricket and the unwavering determination of the players who have represented their nation with pride are both highlighted by these world records. Cricket fans around the world can expect to witness more incredible moments and records as the squad develops and produces outstanding talent. They can also enjoy Cricket Satta Bazaar at

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