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CPL Records – Fastest 100 in CPL History

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CPL Records and Statistics: Which batters have recorded the fastest 100 in the history of CPL?

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is another T20 league that is held annually. Some of the best cricketers take part in the league. They play on behalf of the different franchise teams that are a part of the CPL. Making a century by a batter in the T20 leagues is a very big deal. It can only be done by the openers or the batters who come on the 2nd or 3rd space. As the matches are only 20 overs, it is rather an achievement for a batter to be able to make a century in these circumstances. Skilled bowlers can make it really hard for a batter to stay on the crease for long. So, it is definitely marvelous for a batter to score a 100. When batters are able to score a 100 in a few balls, it becomes all the bigger for the team and the player itself. 

In the following table we bring to you information about the batters who have made the fastest 100 in the CPL matches. It is important to know about the players with the most skill before you bet on the right team. Get the most insightful knowledge on the online cricket betting tips so you can engage in the most important games and win a bucket of money for your family. Check out the details of the batters with the most proficiency:

Player Balls Runs Team
Andre Russell 40 100 Tallawahs
Andre Russell 44 121* Tallawahs
Nichola Pooran 45 100* Amazon
Chris Gayle 49 104 Stars
Shimron Hetmyer 49 100 Amazon
  1. Shimron Hetmyer (100 Runs in 49 Balls)

In the fifth position we have Shimron Hetmyer who made 100 runs in only 49 balls. This almost gives an average of 2 runs per ball which is incredible in itself. He batted against the Jamaica Tallawahs in 2018. It was the 11th match of the season. He was batting in the team of the Guyana Amazon Warriors who was batting first and needed to put on a good score on the board to get a better lead in the game. In just 20 overs with the help of Hetmyer, the team was able to give a big total of 209 runs for 7 wickets. The century of Hetmyer included 11 fours and 5 sixes. Guyana eventually won the match as the Tallawahs were unable to chase this big score. 

  1. Chris Gayle (104 Runs in 49 Balls)

The fourth position is held by none other than Chris Gayle. Without his name, this category would have been meaningless. In 2016, Gayle batted against the Trinbago Knight Riders and made a record with the fastest century in the CPL history. It was the 7th game of the season when Gayle was playing in the Jamaica Tallawahs team. With only 49 balls, Gayle made this century which also included 6 fours and 11 sixes. He helped the team in chasing down the target and finishing the game in just 18.2 overs. He was not out when he completed the chase and drove the team towards victory. 

  1. Nicholas Pooran (100 Runs in 45 Balls)

In 2018, Nicholas Pooran made a record of a century in 45 balls. It was the 20th match of the season where he batted against the St. Lucia Stars. He was playing on behalf of the Guyana Amazon Warriors which was required to chase the target of 150 given by the Stars. Although the performance of the team in the beginning was bad, Pooran took it upon himself to chase the target and get the victory in the bag for the Amazon team. With 4 boundaries and 10 sixes, Pooran finished the game and improved the team’s place in the tournament as well. 

  1. Andre Russell (121 Runs in 44 Balls)

The second position is given to the century made by Russell in just 44 balls. He is one-of-a-kind batter who loves to put his batting skills to work every time he comes on the field. His target is always to hit the ball as far as possible. His record came in 2016 when he took up the bat against the Trinbago Knight Riders. It was the second qualifier match and Russell recognized the pressure that the team was in. Jamaica Tallawahs was batting first and needed to put up a good score for the Trinbago to chase. In the beginning of the match, the position of the Tallawahs was not good but with Russell coming on the field, the hopes were raised. With his efforts, the team gave a score of 195 as a target to the Trinbago and eventually won the match when they could not exceed over 110. 

  1. Andre Russell (100 Runs in 40 Balls)

The fastest 100 record is made by none other than Andre Russell once again. He made this record with 44 balls alone. This was another exciting match. In the 2018 CPL season, this was the first match in which Russell captained the Jamaica Tallawahs team. Trinbago Knight Riders were batting first and gave a big target of 223 to the Tallawahs. The beginning for the Tallawahs was not very good when 5 wickets went down for only 41 runs collected. This paved the way for an amazing innings by Russell in which he scored big and helped the team win the match at the end of the day. 

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