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CPL Records: Fastest 50 Makers in CPL

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CPL Records and Statistics: Which batter has recorded the fastest 50 in the history of the CPL?

A boundary here or a six there, every time a batter takes a ball to the bat, the whole stadium cheers up. When this happens, the batters get more enthusiasm and cheer up to perform better. The T20 cricket is all about scoring runs as fast as possible because of the limited number of overs. The batters who are able to keep their head on their shoulders and focus on the game, are the only ones who are able to score big in their time at the crease. The batters tend to try and hit the ball out of the stadium from the first ball itself. They do not waste balls trying to get comfortable on the field, before they can actually drive the ball even towards a boundary or an attempt to take one or two runs. 

There are several players who have scored big runs in a few balls because they have a firm grip on the ball, the field and an understanding of the game through experience. Khelraja is one of the biggest online cricket betting platforms that has assisted millions of players in winning big as the betting season sets in. If you are also one of the individuals who love to bet their money on some great cricket then you are at the right place. The following table showcases information about players and the fastest 50 that was ever made by the players in CPL history. 

Player Balls Runs Team
Andre Russell 14 50* Jamaica Tallawahs
JP Duminy 20 65 Barbados Tridents
Evin Lewis 18 53 St Kitts and Nevis
Sohail Tanvir 19 50* St Lucia Zouks
Kieron Pollard 23 65 St Lucia Stars
  1. Kieron Pollard (65 Runs on 23 Balls)

In fifth place is Kieron Pollard who scored the fastest 50 when he made 65 runs on only 23 balls. Pollard is one of the finest batters and has been trusted by teams on all occasions. He has several other records to his name. Scoring big from the beginning is one of the best things that a batter can do for the team. Pollard has proven his abilities with records like these and brought victory to his team. On this day, he played on behalf of the St Lucia Stars. He hit one boundary and 7 sixes. He smashed the bowlers of Trinbago Riders. 

  1. Sohail Tanvir (50 Runs on 19 Balls)

In 2014, Sohail Tanvir made a record by hitting 50 runs in just 19 balls. Tanvir had hit 6 sixes and he was not even out when the game was over. He played on behalf of the St Lucia Zouks and helped the team in scoring a good total. Without the contribution of Tanvir, the team would not have been able to score big in this match. The bowlers of Jamaica Tallawahs tried hard but could not stop Tanvir from making it big that day. 

  1. Evin Lewis (53 Runs in 18 Balls)

In 2019, Evin Lewis became the third batter to make history in the category of the Fastest 50 makers. He was batting on behalf of the St Kitts and Nevis team on the day when he hit 3 fours and 6 sixes to score big. He took only 18 balls to complete the score of 53 runs. He beat the bowlers of the Jamaica Tallawahs on that day and was seen as the best batsman on that day. Lewis has other records also in his name. 

  1. JP Duminy (65 Runs in 20 Balls)

JP Duminy is the second batter on the record for scoring the Fastest 50. In 2019, Duminy scored 65 runs in total using 20 balls. He has made a record for completing this half-century which also included 4 fours and 7 sixes. He thrashed the bowlers of the Trinbago Riders on that day and made his team proud. The Barbados Tridents saw victory very near when Duminy was able to score big in a few balls and help in the accumulation of a fine score on the board. 

  1. Andre Russell (50 Runs in 14 Balls)

At the first position, we have none other than Andre Russell who made 50 runs in just 14 balls. Russell has managed to acquire a name for himself in almost every category of the batting records. Making the fastest 50 in CPL is another one of his major achievements. Russell is an established batsman who has a standing in international cricket to a large degree. He is very popular. Russell was batting on behalf of the Jamaica Tallawahs and this score included 3 boundaries and 6 sixes which helped him reach this point. 

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