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CPL Records: Highest Run Chase in CPL History

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CPL Records and Statistics: Which teams have recorded the highest run chase in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) history?

Although the majority of the teams try to score a high score so that their competition is unable to chase it within the 20 over match; however, it might not always be possible. On the flip side, some teams have actually managed to get a high score on the board and made it very difficult for the opposing team to chase it. With a high score on the board, the morale of the opposing team itself goes down to a big extent. That being said, there are several teams who have made a record for the highest runs on the board and its chase in CPL.

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Team Target Score Against
Patriots 242 242/6 Tallawahs
Jamaica Tallawahs 224 225/6 Trinbago
TKR 213 218/5 Stars
GAW 195 195/4 SLK
Patriots 192 193/8 Tallawahs
  1. Patriots (chased 192 runs record)

In the fifth position, we have the Patriots who chased a score of 192 runs in 2018. The score was made by the Tallawahs – 193/8. It was done on the Providence ground where a lot of CPL matches have been played in the past. The score was made in 20 overs and a high attempt was made by the Tallawahs to defend the score. The team was confident that the score was good enough and the Patriots would not be able to chase it but certainly they were wrong. 

  1. GAW (chased 195 runs record)

The GAW is the fourth team on the list of this record category. The target that they chased was 195/4. They fought against the SLK team and worked hard to win that game in 2022. It was a tough target for the team, but they knew its importance. This match was also played in the Providence stadium and a huge crowd cheered the teams to their targets. The SLK was only able to play 19.2 overs and were convinced that the score was big enough for GAW to chase at the end of the day. 

  1. TKR (chased 213 runs record)

The TKR team chased a score of 213 runs in 2018. The score was made by the Stars at the Gros Islet ground. In 20 overs, the team was given a target of 213 runs to follow through. The TKR was confident from the beginning that they would be able to chase the target and give themselves a win. Although the score on the board was daunting, the TKR batting team was all set to chase it and get the win home. 

  1. Jamaica Tallawahs (chased 224 runs record)

In second place we have the Jamaica Tallawahs who chased a big score of 224 runs against the Trinbago team. The Port of Spain is the ground on which the score was made. The run chase was done in 2018. The Tallawahs are a strong team and they were confident about their abilities. Even with a high score made by the Trinbago team, the Tallawahs took it as a challenge and broke the record of the highest run chase in the CPL history. 

  1. Patriots (chased 242 runs record)

The highest run chase in CPL history was done by the Patriots in 2019. The score was 242 runs that was recorded against the Tallawahs. Although the Tallawahs are regarded as a strong team, that day the Patriots shook them by chasing their high score. It is still regarded as the highest run chase that was done by a team. Making 241 runs gave the Tallawahs immense confidence and they were sure of winning the match but with the chase completed, the Patriots emerged victorious for the game. 

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