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CPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the most catches taken in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) until now?

The two main sections of any form of cricket are the batting and the bowling line up. The same players are also responsible for the fielding when their innings comes up. However, the majority of the focus is on the batting and the bowling skills of the players. If a team has skilled batters and the bowling abilities of the other players is also good enough, then the team has a higher probability of winning the match. It’s all about the skills of the players on the team. 

As the CPL is on the horizon, the Khelraja team is here with the latest records and statistics on the CPL until now. We believe in getting you the most reliable records that you can use to make the best bets on the most reliable cricket betting app in India. The following table includes information on the most catches that were taken by the players until now in the varied CPL matches:  

Player Span Matches Catches
Kieron Pollard 2013-2021 92 62
DJ Bravo 2013-2021 89 48
Andre Russell 2013-2021 76 41
Jason Holder 2013-2021 71 40
Rovman Powell 2016-2021 60 39
  1. Rovman Powell (39 Catches)

On the fifth position, we have Rovman Powell with 39 catches taken in the league until now. He is a great fielder for his team and has been successful in taking some important catches on the boundaries. He started his career in CPL in 2016 when he became a part of the Jamaica Tallahwahs team. Until now, he has played a total of 60 games for the team since he joined it. He took 3 catches in one match also which made him a skilled and respected player in terms of fielding as well. 

  1. Jason Holder (40 Catches)

In fourth position, we have Jason Holder with 40 catches. He has proven to be one of the best players that a team can have in the CPL tournaments. He is excellent with batting, a reliable fielder and carries the ability to throw the balls also well. Until now, Holder has played for two teams since 2013 – Barbados Royals and Barbados Tridents. Holder has played 71 matches in total in the CPL and taken 40 catches. Three of these catches were actually taken in one single match. He loves to keep himself on the boundary line when he is fielding. 

  1. Andre Russell (41 Catches)

Andre Russell has proven himself to be one of the fastest and the most reliable cricketers in CPL or any other form of cricket. He has several skills, and he is definitely an all-rounder. He can perform well in all three departments of cricket – batting, bowling and fielding. He has even made several records in varied categories. When he is batting, he can actually take the team to victory. When fielding, he is exceptional as well. He has played on behalf of Jamaica Tallawahs and took 41 catches in total. 

  1. DJ Bravo (48 Catches)

DJ Bravo has played around 89 CPL matches since the onset of his career in this tournament. He has taken about 48 catches in the varied matches that he played. He is often named as the best bowler that the CPL teams have had until now. He has even taken the maximum number of wickets in CPL and made records also. He has played on behalf of two teams since his start – St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots and Trinbago Knight Riders. The most exceptional type of catches taken in CPL are done by DJ Bravo. 

  1. Kieron Pollard (62 Catches)

Kieron Pollard is the man with his name in the first position of this category. He has taken 62 catches since the start of his career in CPL. Pollard is one of the best fielders that the tournament has seen. Although he has a big body, he is still one of the best fielders that the league has seen. He has taken the maximum number of catches and the difference in the record of catches between first and second positioned players is also high. He has played on behalf of three teams – Barbados Tridents, St Lucia Stars, and Trinbago Knight Riders until now.

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