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CPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the most runs in the Caribbean Premier League history?

There are several impressive records that have been made by batters, bowlers, teams and fielders in the history of cricket. In every tournament, there are records that give an indication of the strongest players and teams to look forward to for the best of performances. CPL keeps adding more star cricketers and players to the team to make the league grander and bigger for more cricket followers to enjoy. Every year bigger names of cricketers are added to the team. The most skilled players will be consistently seen playing on behalf of the franchise teams. Right opportunities will be given to the players to express their batting or bowling skills on the field. 

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Player Matches Runs Strike Rate
Lendl Simmons 93 2629 119.71
Johnson Charles 97 2617 128.66
Andre Fletcher 97 2539 117.27
Chris Gayle 85 2519 133.13
Kieron Pollard 102 2359 148.92
  1. Kieron Pollard (2359 runs in 102 matches)

At the fifth position, Kieron Pollard stands with the most runs in CPL. He made 2359 runs in the 102 matches that he has played during his time in the CPL. He maintained a strike rate of 148.92 and has extensive experience of playing in the T20 tournaments since he started. He has played on behalf of three teams until now in the CPL and has proved that he is indeed a reliable player for them. 

  1. Chris Gayle (2519 runs in 85 matches)

It is surprising sometimes not to see Chris Gayle at the top position of a batting category. But since he exited the CPL, other batters got the opportunity to collect more runs in the CPL batting records. Those who continued to play and make runs for their teams were able to accumulate more runs when compared to this legendary player. Gayle made 2519 runs in 85 matches that he played. Between 2013-2021, Gayle maintained a strike rate of 133.13 which was indeed phenomenal. He even collected 4 centuries. 

  1. Andre Fletcher (2539 runs in 97 matches)

At the third position we have Andre Fletcher who has made a total of 2539 runs in 97 matches between 2013-2021. Fletcher has not played since 2021 and has taken a step back from the T20 tournaments. Despite his amazing performance, the player took a choice of retiring and bidding goodbye to his T20 career. Fletcher carried a strike rate of 117.27 and made 13 half-centuries. He could not make a century which is not that disappointing as T20 leagues do not allow batters to score centuries that easily. 

  1. Johnson Charles (2617 runs in 97 matches)

On the second place of this category of most runs in CPL, Johnson Charles proudly stands with his 2617 runs that he has made in 97 matches. The more matches and overs a batter is able to play, the more runs he tends to collect and score on behalf of his team. Charles continues to play in the batting category for his franchise team and thus it is estimated that he will soon take on the number one position of the batter with the most runs. He made 17 half-centuries and has a strike rate of 128.66. 

  1. Lendl Simmons (2629 runs in 93 matches)

Topping the chart in the category of the batter with the most runs in CPL, we have Lendl Simmons. This batter has also made a name for himself in several other batting categories. He is an exceptional batter with a record of 2629 runs in total to his name in the CPL matches. He has played about 93 matches in total but has taken retirement from the franchise. It is to be seen which batter now collects the highest number of runs to rule the batting categories and records in CPL. He had a strike rate of 119.71 and collected 50 half-centuries until 2021. 

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