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CPL Records: Most Ducks Made in the CPL

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CPL Records and Statistics: Which batsmen have recorded the most ducks in the history of CPL?

The worst thing that could happen to a batter is when he gets out at a 0. It is very embarrassing for a batter to see his name on the ducks list. Moreover, it is even more embarrassing to see one’s name in the record for the most ducks in a particular tournament. Here we have the most ducks that any player could have collected for himself. Some of the names might be familiar as they have also made some exceptional records in the other batting categories. Not every batsman can have a good day in every match that they set out to play. They are allowed to have bad days as well and it is perfectly reasonable. However, there are a few names that you may not be familiar with and are present in this category. 

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Player Matches Runs Ducks
Lendl Simmons 93 2629 11
Sunil Narine 86 762 10
Sheldon Cottrell 65 167 8
Nicholas Pooran 82 1544 8
Chris Gayle 85 2519 8
  1. Chris Gayle (8 Ducks)

This is one name that no one expected or wishes to see in this category. Chris Gayle is definitely one batsman who is always seen at the top of the charts or in the top 5 of almost every batting record. Not only in the CPL, but he is often also seen in the records of other tournaments. Gayle is an excellent batsman whose records are not easily broken. In this category of most sucks, Gayle has collected 8 ducks when he stood in this category. He has played a total of 85 matches and made 2519 runs over the course of his CPL career. His overall contribution is great so this record can definitely be ignored when judging his proficiency as a batter. 

  1. Nicholas Pooran (8 Ducks)

The fourth batter on the record of the most ducks in the CPL history is Nicholas Pooran with 8 ducks recorded in his name. He has played 82 matches between 2013-2021. He made a total of 1544 runs that also included one century. He also made 7 half-centuries. So, although the batter has given some ducks like Chris Gayle, he has also managed to provide us with some excellent collection of runs on the field as well. Pooran has worked with different franchise teams and has managed to make some decent runs during the course of his CPL career. 

  1. Sheldon Cottrell (8 Ducks)

On the third position, we have Sheldon Cottrell with 8 ducks again. He played between 2013-2021 and managed to play in 65 matches during this time. Cottrell could only make 167 runs as a batter during this time. His average of runs is very low but that can be forgiven in one way or another because Cottrell is practically a bowler who has made his team proud with his performances in the past. Cottrell has not recorded any centuries or 50s to his name during this time and that is perfectly understandable. 

  1. Sunil Narine (10 Ducks)

Between 2013-2021, Sunil Narine has also played in the CPL tournament and acquired quite a name for himself. While he has managed to make his name in some batting records, he has also made a record for the most ducks when he made 10 ducks in the CPL matches. He has played about 86 matches in total and made 762 runs. He made 50 half-centuries and no centuries to his name. Sunil Narine is a phenomenal player in himself and has proven his worth to the teams that he has played for. 

  1. Lendl Simmons (11 Ducks)

The leader of the record for most ducks is Lendl Simmons with 11 ducks to his name. Simmons has played 93 matches which is the highest in this category. With a high number of matches, he has also made some high-ranking records in different categories. He is definitely a valuable player who just made some mistakes that could not be ignored. He has also made 50 half-centuries which is extraordinary in itself. He has made a total of 2629 runs without any centuries. Simmons is an excellent batter who really has proficiency and some credit to his name since he started playing in the CPL tournament. 

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