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CPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the most wickets in a single season in the Caribbean Premier League?

Although batters tend to gain the maximum fan following but when there are bowlers who have played some excellent cricket then they get the limelight too. Most wickets in a single season is an important record for the bowlers. It is the bowlers that the batters have to encounter in order to become successful on the field and grab the attention of the fans. Some bowlers have shown extreme capability by taking important wickets that drove their respective teams towards victory. The job of a bowler is to take wickets or control the number of runs being given in one over. There are several T20 tournaments that are happening across the globe. The bowlers are now aware of the way they should bowl on the field facing the best batters in the world. The exposure of every player is thus increasing multifold.

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In the following table we bring to you information on the bowlers who have taken the most wickets in a single season in the CPL history:

Bowler Matches Overs Wickets Year
DJ Bravo 13 44.4 28 2015
Hayden Walsh 9 33.4 22 2019
Fawad Ahmed 13 49.0 22 2018
DJ Bravo 12 47.0 21 2016
Sohail Tanvir 12 46.0 20 2016
  1. Sohail Tanvir (20 wickets)

On the fifth position Sohail Tanvir has acquired a spot. In 2016, Tanvir made a record by taking 20 wickets in one single season. He made this record in 46 overs that he bowled. There were 12 matches in the season like every other season. He is definitely one of the best wicket takers known till now. He played on behalf of the Guyana Amazon Warriors in this season. His economy rate was incredible at the point of 6.45. 

  1. DJ Bravo (21 Wickets)

On the fourth space it is DJ Bravo who is one of the best bowlers that the CPL tournament has seen until now. His bowling capabilities speak for themselves. Alike Tanvir, he also made his record of 21 wickets in the 2016 CPL season. He is also one of the leading wicket takers in other T20 tournaments like IPL as well. It took him 12 matches and 47 overs to take these many wickets. His economy rate was 18.85 in this season. His best figure was 13/4 and he played on behalf of the Trinbago Knight Riders in this season. 

  1. Fawad Ahmed (22 Wickets)

In the record for the most wickets in a single season, Fawad Ahmed managed to secure the third position with 22 wickets taken in the 2018 CPL season. He proved to be one of the best bowlers that any team could have bid on. He showed his prowess by making this record. Fawad also played on behalf of Trinbago Knight Riders and his performance was a major contributor to the victory of the team that season. His best figure was 13/3 and his economy rate was measured up to 13.77. 

  1. Hayden Walsh (22 Wickets)

The second bowler in the list of the players who have taken the most wickets in a single season is Hayden Walsh. He took 22 wickets in the 2019 CPL season. He played on behalf of the Barbados Tridents. Walsh was able to play only 9 matches in this season but still managed to top the season with the most wicket taker. His average was amazing and was recorded at 12.68. His economy rate was 8.28. His best bowling figure was notably 19/5. He was one of the main reasons why Guyana was able to win the title in this season. 

  1. DJ Bravo (28 Wickets)

Topping the charts of the bowler with the most wickets in a single season is DJ Bravo once again. He is the only bowler in the CPL who has taken 28 wickets until now. The difference between Walsh and Bravo suggests that it won’t be easy for another bowler to match up to the records that were made by Bravo. The record was made in the 2015 season on behalf of the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel team. Bravo had played 13 matches in that season. The best figure of the player was 23/5. His economy rate was 7.34. Taking 28 wickets is definitely a milestone that he covered.  

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