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CPL Records and Statistics: Which teams have recorded the lowest win margin in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) history?

The Caribbean Premier League is one of the top T20 tournaments in the world today. With many other T20 leagues getting attention, the CPL is not far behind. As some renowned players are a part of the franchise teams and continue to showcase their cricket skills, the league is getting a high amount of attention lately. In this record, we discuss the CPL teams with the lowest win margin in the varied matches that were played over the course of several seasons played in the CPL. T20 cricket always surprises cricket fans across the world. The matches can be very thrilling and a sight for the online cricket betting lovers. 

Khelraja is yet again ready to give some CPL records that would surprise you. The CPL typically has 12 matches in the tournament for each franchise and with that there are many records made by bowlers, batters and teams over the course of years. In the following table, we bring to you the records of the lowest margins by which a particular team has won in this tournament until now. 

Winner Win Margin Target Against Year
Red Steel 1 run 134 Hawksbills 2013
Patriots 1 run 144 Tridents 2015
Patriots 1 run 150 Tridents 2019
St Lucia Kings 1 run 148 TKR 2022
Zouks 2 runs 157 Amazon 2015
  1. Zouks (2 Runs)

The Zouks won against the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the year 2015. They were given a target of 157 runs and won the match by 2 runs. The ground was Gros Islet and the teams worked hard to win the match for themselves. But Zouks were more skilled than the Guyana Amazon Warriors at that time and made sure that they won the match. The collective capability of the bowlers, batters and the fielders were a sight to see. 

  1. St Lucia Kings (1 Run)

At the fourth position are the St Lucia Kings who won a match against the TKR in 2022 with a margin of only 1 run. It was a close victory and both the teams are considered to be very skilled and capable. The target was 148 which is not a very difficult target in the T20 tournaments. The St Lucia Kings were able to meet the target and win the match by 1 margin alone. The ground was the Port of Spain and high expectations from the cricket community were definitely standing on that pitch as well. 

  1. Patriots (1 Run)

The third place is given to the match that was fought between the Patriots and the Tridents in 2019. It was a beautiful day for a cricket match and some excellent performances to be seen on the ground. The Patriots won the match by 1 run. The target for the Patriots was 150 runs which is definitely reachable by the batters. A collective skill of the batters was seen at the Bridgetown stadium on that particular day. The Patriots have a great team and some excellent batters and thus their win did not come as a surprise for many. 

  1. Patriots (1 Run)

On the second position we have the Patriots again who won by just 1 run against the Tridents again. The stadium was the same – Bridgetown. The match was held in 2015 and it was a surprise for the Patriots to win the match. The target that was given to the Patriots was 144 runs which is not a tough target in the T20 tournaments. 

  1. Red Steel (1 Run)

The winner of the team who has won a match in the CPL with the lowest win margin is the Red Steel. The team won by merely 1 Run against the Hawksbills in 2013. The target given was 134 runs and it was considered to be an easy match and an easy victory from the beginning. The close call and win of the Red Steel was a sight to see by many cricket fans sitting in the stadium at that particular time. The ground was the Port of Spain and the teams were all set for a victory. 

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