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Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which team has recorded the greatest win margin by runs in the World Cup?

The Cricket World Cup is often also known as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, and it is the championship of One-Day International (ODI) cricket. The first ever World Cup was played in 1975 in England and the next edition of this championship is scheduled to be held in India in 2023. Australia has recorded the maximum number of titles wins of this cricket championship i.e., 5 times it has won the title. The tournament is held every 4 years and is often regarded as one of the most prestigious ones among all types of ODI cricket tournaments. It is a type of world championship where teams from all over the world are tested. 

Over time, there are several teams who have continued to have a place in the top 10 teams in the tournament while others have to fight for a spot and prove their abilities to get a place in the fixtures and the final teams to compete for the title. The betting season catches up whenever there is a major tournament on the horizon. The World Cup is one such tournament. Before you start bracing yourself for online cricket betting, make sure you make yourself aware of the records in the tournament. The following table indicates the greatest win margin by runs that was ever reserved by a team across all tournaments ever played. 

Margin Teams Venue Date
275 runs Australia (417–6) beat Afghanistan (142) WACA, Perth 4 March 2015
257 runs India (413–5) beat Bermuda (156) Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad 19 March 2007
South Africa (408–5) beat West Indies (151) SCG, Sydney 27 February 2015
256 runs Australia (301–6) beat Namibia (45) Senwes Park, Potchefstroom 27 February 2003
243 runs Sri Lanka (321–6) beat Bermuda (78) Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad 15 March 2007
  1. Sri Lanka (243 Runs)

Sri Lanka international cricket team is at the fifth position for holding the record for the greatest win margin by runs in the Cricket World Cup records category. The team beat Bermuda by 243 runs. Sri Lanka had made 321 runs at a loss for 6 wickets. They took all the wickets of the Bermuda team and won the match in 2007. The match was played at Trinidad. The team proved to be worthy of participation in international ODI cricket and became a great sight to see through the World Cup. 

  1. Australia (256 Runs)

Australia is one of the leaders of ODI cricket and World Cup title winners. The team won the match against Namibia by 256 runs. In 2003, the teams were competing against each other when Australia gave a target of 302 to Namibia. The team could not meet the target and all their players were out in a few overs. It is not easy to stand against one of the most skilled international teams in the world today. Namibia quickly lost its ground. The team eventually won by a great margin. 

  1. South Africa (257 Runs)

South Africa is at the third position in the greatest win margin by runs in the category of the World Cup records. The team won by 257 runs very easily against the West Indies in 2015. The South African proved that it was much better than the age old West Indies team when SA made 408 runs in 50 overs with a loss of only 5 wickets. The WI team could not match up to their proficiency and lost the match. WI team could only make 151 runs and paved the way for the victory of the South Africans. 

  1. India (257 Runs)

India takes the second position for the greatest win margin by runs record in the World Cup. The team also won by 257 runs like the South Africans previously. The team won against the Bermuda team in 2007. The Indian cricket team had made 413 runs with a loss of only 5 wickets. The Bermuda team was only able to make 156 runs before they lost all wickets and gave victory to the Indian team. The match was held at Trinidad and was marked as a record in the World Cup records. 

  1. Australia (275 Runs)

At the first position is none other than the Australian international cricket team. The team has proved itself worthy of the titles and being a part of the World Cup every year round. The team made this record in 2015 when they made 417 runs on a loss of 6 wickets against Afghanistan. The Australian team did not let the Afghanistan batters make more than 142 runs and took all of their wickets very early in the game. This gave the Australian cricket team the record of the greatest win margin by runs. 

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