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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records – Lowest Win Margin by Runs

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which team has recorded the lowest win margin by runs in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup history?

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is one of the most prestigious competitions in the ODI format. Every 4 years, the tournament is held in different countries and teams compete with each other to win this title. It is solely dependent on the skills of a team if they are able to win the title and preparations for the same are done by the captains and the management as soon as one tournament is finished. Even getting an opportunity to participate in the tournament is a prestigious victory for a team. There are several international cricket teams but only a few get an opportunity to be a part of the cricket world cup. Every win count whether it is through the greatest win margin or the lowest one. 

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Margin Teams Venue Date
1 run Australia (270–6) beat India (269) M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai 9 October 1987
Australia (237–9) beat India (234) [Target 236 (D/L Method)] The Gabba, Brisbane 1 March 1992
2 runs Sri Lanka (235) beat England (233–8) Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua 4 April 2007
3 runs New Zealand (242–7) beat Zimbabwe (239) Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 10 October 1987
Australia (199–4) beat New Zealand (196–9) Holkar Stadium, Indore 18 October 1987
  1. Australia (3 Runs)

At the fifth position in the category for the lowest win margin by runs is the Australian international cricket team with 3 runs. In 1987, the team made 199 runs with a loss of 4 wickets. The New Zealand cricket team tried to chase the target that the Australian team gave but they lost their last wicket very close to the target. They were unable to meet the target and so Australia won the match and made a record for the lowest win margin by runs in the cricket world cup. 

  1. New Zealand (3 Runs)

At the fourth position we have the New Zealand cricket team. In 1987, New Zealand made a score of 242 runs at a loss of 7 wickets in the first innings. It was Zimbabwe’s turn to chase the target if they wanted to win the match. But New Zealand refused to give in and fold and were determined to defend the runs that they had made. Zimbabwe managed to make 239 runs but lost their last wicket very close to the target. The New Zealand team won the match by 3 runs. 

  1. Sri Lanka (2 Runs)

In third place stands the Sri Lanka international cricket team with the lowest win margin by only 2 runs. England gave a target of 233 runs to the Sri Lanka team after a loss of 8 wickets. Sri Lanka was determined to chase the target and win the match that day. Their team’s batters worked hard in 2007 and won the match by meeting the target with an added 2 extra runs. No one could have imagined that Sri Lanka would actually win because England was a strong team back then. 

  1. Australia (1 Run)

The second place belongs to the Australian cricket team that beat the Indian cricket team back in 1992. Australia won by a margin of 1 run. The target was 236 runs, and the Australian team badly needed the one. After all, it had to save its reputation and start making a mark as the leader of all teams in the international cricket space. The team beat India by making 237 runs at a loss of 9 wickets. The Indian cricket team was confident earlier, but that confidence shattered when Australia managed to take the win. 

  1. Australia (1 Run)

The second and the first place belong to none other than the Australian cricket team. The team won the match by 1 run once more against the Indian Cricket team. Australia gave a target of 270 runs at a loss of 6 wickets in the year 1987. At that time, the score of 270 was good to give as a target in the first innings. Although the Indian cricket team was intimidated by the score and found it difficult to be able to chase the target, the batters believed in themselves too. The Indian cricket team almost reached the target but lost their last wicket at 269. It was a close shave but Australia won yet again and made the record for the lowest win margin by runs.  

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