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IPL Records – Highest Individual Score in an IPL Innings



IPL Records and Statistics: Who scored the highest individual score in an IPL innings?

There are several T20 leagues being played in different countries. For example, the Big Bash League (BBL), Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) etc. Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most entertaining of them all. In the T20 format, the batters have a field day and thoroughly enjoy the innings each time. Some excellent shots have been seen on the grounds while batters have been playing the IPL. Batting records are nothing new during the IPL. The record for the highest individual score in an IPL innings is one of the most interesting ones to look forward to. 

Khelraja loves to bring in the highest records that we can find. You can hunt for the name of your favourite batsman and be thrilled to see the records that they have made. Check out the latest details of the highest individual score being made:

Player Name Team Highest Score Strike Rate
Chris Gayle RCB 175* 265.15
Brendon McCullum KKR 158* 216.43
Quinton de Kock LSG 140* 200
AB de Villiers RCB 133* 225.42
KL Rahul KX1P 132* 191.3
  1. KL Rahul (132 Not Out)

KL Rahul is extremely talented. He is an upcoming and young Indian international cricketer who has proved his worth time and again. Within a few matches alone, KL Rahul has made records that are long lasting. It is estimated that he will continue to improve the records that he is making and carry the ability to surpass the batters with the current records as well. He has a lot of potential and brings about a promising future to the team as well. 

  1. AB de Villiers (133 Not Out)

AB de Villiers is another player with some of the most exceptional skills. He has given his best performances in all forms of cricket. But since he is a batter, he could actually outshine others in the T20 matches and make records that make him also proud. AB de Villiers is from South Africa but with the IPL, he gained his major fan following. He is a fine batsman that has shown versatile performance in all formats of cricket that are known to the people and the audiences. 

  1. Quinton de Kock (140 Not Out)

The third position in this category is also occupied by a South African international cricketer. He plays on behalf of the Lucknow SuperGiants. His record is that of 140 runs while he was still not out. His strike rate is also amazing at 200 only. Kock is one of the most sought-after players as well. He has made records in other forms of cricket and that is the main reason why he is trusted so much by the sponsors of LSG. 

  1. Brendon McCullum (158 Not Out)

Brendon McCullum has secured a place for himself on the second slot of the category. He has made the second highest individual score in the IPL innings and promises the capability to even beat Gayle in the future. His score was 158 not out and played on behalf of Kolkata Knight Riders when he made this score. McCullum is often seen as a cricketer that can be trusted for his skills. His form is never shifted and brings in the most promise for KKR in the future as well. 

  1. Chris Gayle (175 Not Out)

Chris Gayle has a big score of 175 runs not out for the highest individual score in the IPL innings. There are not many cricketers or batters who have the capability to even dream of beating his target. Batters love to beat the scores of other cricketers but when it comes to Gayle, it can seem like a monumental task. It is estimated that his scores will always remain unbeaten unless another legend is born.