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IPL Records – First Impact Player Substitute in IPL

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IPL Records and Statistics: First Impact Player Substitute in IPL

In the IPL history, there have been many firsts. With Tushar Deshpande, the IPL 2023 season saw another record that was made for the first time ever in the IPL league. Deshpande became the first ‘Impact Player’ substitute. In the season opener match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans, Deshpande was called in the second half as a substitute in Ahmedabad. He was called to replace Ambati Rayudu during the break after the batting innings of the CSK was over. 

On the other hand, Gujarat Titans were unable to give a name of their ‘Impact Player’ as their original plan with Kane Williamson was spoiled due to an injury that happened while fielding. Once the first batter got out in the GT’s innings, Sudharshan was called in to replace Williamson. 

According to the rules and regulations that are set by the IPL T20 organisers, the working of the Impact Player clause is explained as follows: 

“The Captain will nominate the Impact Player to the umpire and the umpire will signal in the manner stated in Schedule 1 indicating that the Impact Player is being introduced. The Impact Player can be introduced (i) before the start of the innings; or (ii) after completion of an over; or (iii) in case of a batter, at the fall of the wicket or the batter retiring at any time during the over (as provided in Clause 1.8 (iv) below). The bowling team can also get an Impact Player during the fall of the wicket, but that Impact Player will not be permitted to bowl the remaining balls in that over if the wicket has fallen mid over.”

Even though Deshpande was called in at the end moment. He failed to create the impact that was expected from him. He could make only 51 runs in 3.1 overs. It became an expensive economy rate for the whole team eventually. On the other hand, Sudharsan proved to be a better impact player for the GT by scoring 22 runs at only 17 balls. 

The ideology of an impact player is to help the team with an additional batter or bowler during the game as per their needs. The introduction of the impact player makes the team a 12-player vs 12-player match rather than the original chosen Playing XI. 

Old players tend to see this idea as an advantage that helps the teams in reaching their targets. Both the teams are also expected to give the names of their potential impact players before the game so the opposing team can have the right players lined up as well. The speculated names should be of 5 players mainly. 

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