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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which player has recorded the best bowling average in the history of the cricket world cup?

Individual performances frequently leave a lasting impression on the game’s history in the dynamic world of cricket. This collection of ODI statistics reveals the skill of outstanding bowlers at particular times. These players’ statistics provide a clear picture of their abilities, from Australia’s Mitchell Starc, who had a remarkable knack for collecting wickets, to England’s Chris Old, who was efficient and successful, to India’s Mohammed Shami, who coupled wicket-taking with aggression. This display is finished by Nathan Bracken’s calculated runs and Geoff Allott of New Zealand’s careful mix of wickets and economy. Each item serves as evidence of the bowlers’ continuing influence on cricket. 

Let’s get to know more about the bowlers with the best bowling average in the history of the cricket world cup:

Avg. Player Matches Wickets Econ Overs Span
14.81 Mitchell Starc 18 49 4.64 156.1 2015–2019
15.18 Chris Old 9 16 2.68 90.3 1975–1979
15.70 Mohammed Shami 11 31 5.06 96.1 2015–2019
16.12 Nathan Bracken 10 16 3.60 71.4 2007
16.25 Geoff Allott 9 20 3.70 87.4 1999

Geoff Allott (1999) 

In 1999, Geoff Allott made an enduring impression on cricket while playing for New Zealand. His outstanding performance throughout 9 One Day International matches saw him take 20 wickets, demonstrating his skill as a wicket-taker. He consistently made a difference, maintaining an average of 16.25. Allott’s economy rate was an impressive 3.70, demonstrating his ability to control runs while picking up wickets. He bowled 87.4 overs during these games, showing both stamina and accuracy. Geoff Allott’s legendary 1999 season was an example of a well-balanced strategy, providing a lasting impression of a bowler who expertly matched economy and wicket-taking prowess.

Nathan Bracken (2007) 

Australian cricketer Nathan Bracken made his mark in 10 One Day International contests in 2007. He took 16 wickets with finesse and a good average of 16.12. His economy rate was an impressively controlled 3.60, demonstrating his skill in stopping opposition runs. Bracken displayed his prowess at this time by bowling 71.4 overs. His performances not only helped his team win but also demonstrated how well he can blend control and wicket-taking skills in ODIs.

Mohammed Shami (2015–2019) 

In 11 One Day International contests from 2015 to 2019, Mohammed Shami played for India. He demonstrated his talent as a wicket-taker by taking an amazing total of 31 wickets. With an economy rate of 5.06, he was marginally more expensive regarding runs given up. During these games, Shami bowled a total of 96.1 overs.

Chris Old (1975–1979) 

Chris Old, an England cricketer, played in nine One Day International matches between 1975 and 1979. He was able to collect 16 wickets at a 15.18 average. His economy rate, which was 2.68, was quite low, showing that he restricted the number of runs allowed per over to a manageable level. Old bowled for a total of 90.3 overs over his matches.

Mitchell Starc (2015–2019) 

Mitchell Starc, an Australian cricket star, showed his talent in 18 One Day International (ODI) games between 2015 and 2019. Forty-nine wickets were taken due to his outstanding effort, with an astounding average of 14.81. Starc’s economy rate, which measures the number of runs surrendered per over, was an outstanding 4.64. He produced 156.1 overs throughout these 18 games, demonstrating his importance as a major member of the Australian cricket team. 

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