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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records – Most Five Wicket Hauls

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which bowler has recorded the most five wicket hauls in the cricket world cup history?

Teams from around the world fight for the title at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, a display of cricketing expertise. A five-wicket haul in a single match is among the many statistical achievement’s bowlers aim for. It highlights their talent, tenacity, and ability to influence a game’s outcome. With cricket’s development, new benchmarks will be set, expanding the list of bowlers with the most five-wicket hauls in a single tournament. This statistical achievement honors the sport of bowling by strikingly illustrating a bowler’s capacity to influence a game’s outcome. Let’s check out the bowlers with the most five wicket hauls in a single tournament in the history of the cricket world cup:

Record First Second Ref(s)
Most five-wicket hauls  Mitchell Starc 3  Gary Gilmour
 Vasbert Drakes
 Mustafizur Rahman
 Ashantha de Mel
 Shahid Afridi
 Glenn McGrath
2 [55]

Ashantha de Mel (Sri Lanka) – 1983 ICC Cricket World Cup (2 five-wicket hauls):

Ashantha de Mel’s contributions to the 1983 ICC Cricket World Cup significantly influenced Sri Lanka’s transformation. His right-arm medium-fast bowling prowess served as a team mascot and led to two noteworthy five-wicket hauls. Given their relative novelty in cricket, these performances were crucial in putting Sri Lanka on the international stage. His ability to test batters and mess with their lineups made De Mel’s critical role clear. His dedication and talent created the foundation for future endeavors, and he has significantly impacted the growth of both the individual and the national game of cricket.

Mustafizur Rahman (Bangladesh) – 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup (2 five-wicket hauls):

Mustafizur Rahman, a left-arm fast bowler for Bangladesh, commanded attention at the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. He secured two huge five-wicket hauls, showcasing his quality and adaptability. He played a crucial role in Bangladesh’s triumphs thanks to his mastery of tricky cutters and variations that confounded opposing batters. In addition to destroying batting lineups, Mustafizur’s performances demonstrated his skill at adjusting to various match circumstances. His significant efforts were crucial in advancing Bangladesh’s cause. Mustafizur showed his enormous potential on the international cricket stage through his skillful execution and capacity to flourish under pressure, becoming known as one of Bangladesh’s outstanding players in the competition.

Vasbert Drakes (Cricket West Indies) – 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup (2 five-wicket hauls):

Vasbert Drakes significantly impacted Cricket West Indies during the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup. He established himself as a critical component of the bowling unit with his right-arm medium-fast deliveries loaded with a swing. Notably, he secured two essential hauls of five-wicket by using deft variations and air-moving techniques, which destroyed the batting lineups of his opponents. Drakes’ crucial role demonstrated his ability to change the game and notably aided the team’s progress to the final. He cemented his spot in Cricket West Indies history by taking advantage of favorable circumstances and making breakthroughs.

Gary Gilmour (Australia) – 1975 ICC Cricket World Cup (2 five-wicket hauls):

Gary Gilmour’s outstanding performances during the inaugural 1975 ICC Cricket World Cup left a lasting impression on the cricketing world. Being an expert with the left-arm swing and having the ability to take advantage of advantageous situations made him an invaluable asset for Australia. Two outstanding five-wicket hauls highlighted his performance, which spoke to his capacity to decimate opposing batting lineups. Gilmour was a key player in Australia’s voyage, and his contributions were crucial in helping the team advance to the championship game. Due to his incredible talent for drawing movement out of the ball and utilizing the unique qualities of the surface, he developed a reputation as a catalyst. The legacy Gilmour left behind from the 1975 World Cup highlights his priceless contributions to Australian cricket history and his capacity to deliver under duress globally.

Mitchell Starc (Australia) – 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup (3 five-wicket hauls):

Mitchell Starc demonstrated his exceptional bowling skills throughout the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup by recording a historic three five-wicket hauls. Starc became a relentless threat to opposing batters after being renowned for his capacity to extract lethal swing, maintain high-pace consistency, and deliver accurate yorkers. His performances substantially strengthened Australia’s campaign and helped the team advance to the tournament’s semifinals. With his accuracy and versatility on different pitches, Starc once again proved that he is a severe threat in limited-overs cricket. His dedication to and mastery of the trade was evident in his constant ability to decimate opposing batting lineups. In conclusion, Starc’s outstanding exploits throughout the 2019 World Cup highlighted his crucial contribution to Australia’s strong bowling unit and their honorable advancement in the competition.

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