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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records – Lowest Match Aggregate

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which team has recorded the lowest match aggregate in the history of the World Cup?

When the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup starts, the expectations of the cricket fans are to see magnetic performances on the field. Whether it is by the batters or the bowlers, all we want are exceptional performances with every ball. This is all that the cricket fans, you and me, expect from the players. But what if the players from both the teams let us down? A 100 over match from both the sides turns out to be nothing more than 30-40 overs give or take. When this happens, we are definitely let down. Some batters were unable to make a good number of runs in the first innings which led to the match getting over really fast. Can we trust such teams to perform better in the future? That is yet to be seen..

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Score Teams Venue Date
73–11 (23.2 overs) Sri Lanka (37–1) v Canada (36) Boland Park, Paarl 19 February 2003
91–12 (54.2 overs) England (46–2) v Canada (45) Old Trafford, Manchester 13 June 1979
117–11 (31.1 overs) West Indies (59–1) v Bangladesh (58) Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka 4 March 2011
138–12 (41.4 overs) West Indies (70–2) v Scotland (68) Grace Road, Leicester 27 May 1999
141–10 (31.5 overs) New Zealand (72–0) v Kenya (69) M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai 20 February 2011
  1. New Zealand vs Kenya (141 Runs)

The fifth position is held by a match between two teams – New Zealand vs Kenya. In the first innings, Kenya batters were given an opportunity to show their batting skills. But in front of the New Zealand bowlers, they did not stand much of a chance. The New Zealand bowlers did not let them score more than 69 runs. Once that was done, the New Zealand batters came on the crease and scored 72 runs quickly that helped them get an easy win very fast. The match lasted for no more than 31.5 overs in 2011.  

  1. West Indies vs Scotland (138 Runs)

In 1999, the West Indies and Scotland teams were designated to play a match. The Scotland team made 68 runs in the first innings and lost all their wickets very fast. The West Indies bowlers were ruthless and did not let the Scotland batters hold even the slightest chance of victory. When the second innings started, the West Indies made 70 runs with a loss of 2 wickets and won the match in just a few overs. The total match lasted for no more than 41.4 overs out of the total 100. 

  1. West Indies vs Bangladesh (117 Runs)

The third position is designated for the West Indies and Bangladesh teams who faced each other in 2011. The Bangladesh batters got their first chance on the crease after the toss but their batting luck was completely out of place on that day. The team could not make more than 58 runs and had to vacate the field for the West Indies batters to come and chase the score. The team quickly made 59 runs with a loss of 1 wicket and the whole match was wrapped up in 31.1 overs. 

  1. England vs Canada (91 Runs)

Another tragic record for the lowest match aggregate was made by England and Canada in 1979. The Canada team was the first to bat and were unable to score more than 45 runs. The England bowlers showed their talent and collected all the team’s wickets in a short duration. This paved the way for an easy victory for the England batters who finished the match quickly by making 46 runs. The total number of runs in the match were 91 and it lasted for no more than 54 overs. 

  1. Sri Lanka vs Canada (73 Runs)

The first position in the category of the lowest match aggregate is held by the match held in 2003 between Sri Lanka and Canada. The two teams were expected to give an excellent innings but Canada batters could not stand confident in front of the Sri Lankan bowlers and lost their wickets super quick. They could make only 36 runs which was considered an utter disgrace. The Sri Lanka team’s batters found this an easy win and took the opportunity to finish the match rather quickly. The whole match lasted for 23.2 overs and the total number of runs made by both the teams was 73 only. 

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