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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records – Highest Match Aggregate

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which team has recorded the highest match aggregate in the history of the world cup?

Fans can go crazy when one side of the batters are hitting the ball for one boundary after the other or some excellent shots out the stadium. But what happens when batters from both the teams are in full form and ready to hit the ball as far out as possible? That is when the real fun begins in the cricket world. All we need is to see some magic on the field when two strong teams are competing against each other for the win. When the determination is so strong, it can become thrilling and exciting to see the collection of runs and beautiful sportsmanship on the field. Every ball brings in a surprise and every turn of the bat gives hope to see another beautiful shot in the air. 

You will definitely like your online cricket betting odds if you are aware of the records that were made by a team in the past and how the efforts have helped them win the games that no one had even thought about. While we are aware of some leading names of teams, there are others also who have proven worthy with time. Let’s get you acquainted with teams who have recorded the highest match aggregate in the past:

Score Teams Venue Date
714-13 (100 overs) Australia (381-5) v Bangladesh (333-8) Trent Bridge, Nottingham 20 June 2019
688–18 (96.2 overs) Australia (376–9) v Sri Lanka (312–9) Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney 8 March 2015
682–17 (100 overs) Pakistan (348–8) v England (334–9) Trent Bridge, Nottingham 3 June 2019
676–18 (99.5 overs) India (338) v England (338–8) M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore 27 February 2011
671–16 (98.0 overs) Australia (377–6) v South Africa (294) Warner Park Sporting Complex, Basseterre 24 March 2007
  1. Australia vs South Africa (671 Runs)

In 2007, two brilliant teams were on the ground at the Warner Park Sporting Complex in Basseterre and playing a match in the world cup series of the time. Every cricket fan and experienced player was confident that this will not be an easy win. Both teams had bowlers and batters that were world class and in full form to meet the challenges in the world cup. This is exactly what happened that day. Australia had the first innings in hand and scored a big number of 377 runs at a loss of 6 wickets for South Africa to chase. The SA team tried very hard but could score only 294 runs and lost all their wickets in 48 overs. Australia won the match but the two teams made a record of 671 runs in one innings and stood at the fifth position. 

  1. India vs England (676 Runs)

In 2011, India and England together made a bashing record of 676 runs in 99.5 overs. It was England that gave a target of 338 runs at a loss for 8 wickets to the Indian team. The Indian team met the target at the last ball of the last over and won the match. It was the Chinnaswamy Stadium at Bangalore. The Indian batters were determined to win the match and keep their place in the series. This was the time that the real capability of the Indian batters were tested against the beautiful innings put up by England bowlers. 

  1. Pakistan vs England (682 Runs)

In 2019, another spectacular set of innings were seen between Pakistan and England. The two teams completed the 100 overs that they were expected to play for. The Pakistan batters had the first innings to their name in which they made 348 runs at a loss for 8 wickets by the end of the 50 overs. Although the England batters tried hard, they could not meet the target. They could only sum up 334 runs by the time the innings finished and the team lost the match with 9 wickets down. 

  1. Australia vs Sri Lanka (688 Runs)

On the second place on the record for the highest match aggregate stand Australia and Sri Lanka. The two teams made a total of 688 runs in this match. Australia held the first innings in their hand in which the batters collectively made 376 runs at a loss of 9 wickets. Sri Lankan team that held a strong batting line-up themselves could not hold up to the challenge and the entire team was down at 312 runs. The innings saw 96.2 overs being played with Sri Lanka ultimately losing the match. The Australian bowlers defended the score very well and gave immense confidence to the rest of the team as well. 

  1. Australia vs Bangladesh (714 Runs)

The first position for the record for the highest match aggregate is given to Australia and Bangladesh who made 714 runs collectively to reach the top of this world cup record. Australia played the first innings and gave a target of 376 runs to the Bangladesh cricket team. Bangladesh could not face the challenge but scored big by the time the number of balls were finished. The Bangladesh batters were proud of collecting 338 runs and somewhat reaching close to the big target that was given. 

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