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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which team has recorded the most consecutive wins in the cricket world cup history?

How much effort do you think it takes for a team to win a match or a tournament? A lot of hard work, right? Now, imagine the amount of effort it would take on part of the bowlers, batters and the team as a whole to consistently perform in one match after the other. Some teams have actually managed to make a record for the most consecutive wins in the history of the cricket world cup. 

When we talk about the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, we are actually talking about the highest amount of prestige that is possible in the ODI cricket format. It is THE most lucrative trophy to lift at the end of a tournament. When so much is at stake, good performance is turned into the best performance out of every single player. In the World Cup, we have seen this in the Australian Cricket team until now. 

At the first position, we have the Australian international cricket team that has managed to secure the record for the most consecutive wins with 27 wins in a row. This includes 25 straight wins and the two wins after this were because they recorded no result in two matches. This streak of Australian team was broken by the Pakistan international cricket team in the Cricket World Cup of 2011. 

The second team in line for the record of the most consecutive wins is the Indian Cricket team with 11 consecutive wins. The score was recorded between 2011-2015. The streak of wins was broken by Australia in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. The team lost by 95 runs and marked an end to their amazing streak and scoring. Every other team in the world cup in 2015 had to face defeat at the hands of the Indian cricket team. 

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