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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which batter has set the record for the most fours in the history of the World Cup?

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a competition for international cricket. It is played using the One Day International (ODI) format of cricket. For the first time performed outside of England in 1987, it was in India and Pakistan. 50 overs were allotted to each side in the 1987 match as well.

With five World Cup victories, Australia has the most ODI and T20 cricket success. The only two nations who have won the world cup twice are India and the West Indies. Do you realize that since 1973, the ICC has held the Women’s World Cup in 50 and 20 over formats? Take a look at the ICC Women’s World Cup wins list for both the 50-over and 20-over forms, along with information on the game-winning innings.

Most Fours

In cricket, a score of four refers to the batting team’s four runs. Typically, a batsman will score a four when he or she drives the ball into or over the boundary rope. The ball must first bounce or roll down the ground before it strikes or crosses the rope, though, in order to score four runs. As I indicated earlier, the batter must hit the ball into or over the boundary rope in order to score a four. There are other methods to get the most fours.

Most fours  Sachin Tendulkar 241  Kumar Sangakkara 147

Sachin Tendulkar

Despite insisting he wasn’t better than the game, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was a player whose personality and aura eclipsed any match. The enormous 5’5″ man in India stood for much more than the natives. For a nation that revered him as nothing less than a deity, he stood in for feeling and hope. With his batting performances for India at five consecutive ICC Cricket World Cups (1992, 1996, 2003, 2007, 2011), Sachin Tendulkar enthralled the cricketing world. Better more, he contributed to his squad’s victory in their nation’s World Cup in 2011.

In recognition of the “Little Master’s’ 45th birthday today, we’re taking a look back at some of his most cherished performances for the men in blue as well as his greatest ICC Cricket World Cup victories. Sachin Tendulkar either has the most runs scored at the Cricket World Cup or has the closest total. More than 500 more runs than his closest competitor, he finished the tournament with 2,278 runs at an average of 56.95. In a World Cup match against Namibia in 2003, he scored his finest goal.

Kumar Sangakkara

Sangakkara’s 15-year international career saw him rise to greater heights while remaining as graceful as they came. Sangakkara excelled in every format, placing first or second in the Test batting rankings on numerous occasions, winning the T20 World Cup, and finishing second in the Cricket World Cup twice. Sri Lankan cricket was built around Kumar Sangakkara, a graceful stroke player, dependable keeper, and sharp thinker. The legendary cricketer played his farewell match in a Test match against India in Colombo (PSS) in 2015 after participating in nearly 500 international matches for his nation.

Sangakkara’s entrance onto the cricket scene was remarkable. The selection committee was persuaded of his talent by a scorching 156 against Zimbabwe A in 2000. At the young age of 22, he was rewarded with a spot in the one-day team, and in his second game, he took home his first Man of the Match trophy. After going out in the 90s twice before, he finally made his first Test century in the ninth match. His disposition was older than his years, which was mirrored by his batting.

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