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IPL Records: Most Runs in a Season

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IPL Records and Statistics: Which players have scored the most runs in a season?

One of the most exhilarating records in the batting category is always about the player who has scored the maximum number of runs in a season. It showcases the capabilities of a batter to fight against the best of bowlers from the different teams. The IPL record shows the versatility of a batter to also score runs on different pitches and handle the most difficult of situations. Many batters have also taken on impossible targets and helped their team win the match with the best of their abilities. 

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Rank Runs Player Team Matches Innings Series
1 973 Virat Kohli RCB 16 16 2016 Indian Premier League
2 863 Jos Buttler RR 17 17 2022 Indian Premier League
3 848 David Warner SRH 2016 Indian Premier League
4 735 Kane Williamson 2018 Indian Premier League
5 733 Chris Gayle RCB 15 14 2012 Indian Premier League
Michael Hussey CSK 17 17 2013 Indian Premier League
  1. Chris Gayle and Michael Hussey (733 Runs in 2012 and 2013 IPL seasons respectively)

Gayle and Hussey both share the fifth position in this batting category with 733 runs. Gayle made the score in the 2012 IPL season while Hussey collected 733 runs in total in the 2013 IPL season. Both players are very skilled and have always left an excellent mark on the audience and other batters with their exceptional scores. 

  1. Kane Williamson (735 Runs in 2018 IPL)

Williamson is in fourth position with 735 runs made in the 2018 IPL season. He played 17 matches in this IPL season for the Sunrisers Hyderabad and made the team proud by taking it to excellent ranks in the season. The SRH team improved its capabilities with some of these seasoned batters. Williamson has high skill and abilities to take his team to victory in the worst odds. 

  1. David Warner (848 Runs in 2016 IPL)

Warner is the third highest scorer of runs in any IPL season. He made 848 runs in the 2016 IPL season. David Warner is one name that is recurrent in the batting orders. He is a delight for any team and changes the way cricket betting exchanges can work. If you are searching for the best Indian cricket betting app in India to bet on teams with players like David Warner, then you must visit Khelraja and get your bets in order. 

  1. Jos Butler (863 Runs in 2022 IPL)

At the second position stands Jos Butler with 863 runs that he scored in the 2022 IPL matches. He played in 17 matches and made this exceptional score that has not been outranked until now. The 2023 season saw some surprising innings with excellent scores and boundaries, but Jos Butler is still carrying on his score for the most runs in a season at the second position. 

  1. Virat Kohli (973 Runs in 2016 IPL)

Topping the chart, we have Kohli with 973 runs in the 2016 IPL season. The difference in the first and the second position clearly showcases the ability of this Indian cricketer. Virat Kohli is one hero that displays command and respect in the cricket fields. His long list of fans makes it important for people to know more about him. Kohli has played a lot of matches for the Indian International cricket team. He was also their captain for a long time. With a strong history of cricket and skills, it is no surprise that Kohli tops the charts here. 

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