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IPL Records – Maximum Ducks in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: Maximum Ducks in IPL History

As soon as a batter enters the playing field, he is welcomed with a big cheer from the audience to increase the enthusiasm and spirit of the players. But when the same batter is heading back to the pavilion after a few moments, he has to face pin drop silence from the same audience who expected much more. This is the most horrible feeling for the batter – of not being able to match up to the expectations of the team and the people. It is not always the mistake of the batter, but it is painful, nonetheless. Especially when good batters go back without giving even a single run, the whole environment can get tense.

Let’s learn more with Khelraja about the players who have made the most embarrassing record of the maximum number of ducks in the IPL history:

Player Name Innings Ducks Team
1. Mandeep Singh 95 14 PK, KKR, RCB, DC
2. Rohit Sharma 222 14 DC, MI
3. Piyush Chawla 82 13 CSK, PK, KKR
4. Harbhajan Singh 90 13 CSK, KKR, MI
5. Parthiv Patel 137 13 CSK, DC, KKR, MI, RCB, SRH

5. Parthiv Patel (13 Ducks)
Parthiv Patel is one of the most seasoned and high scope players among the Indian cricket team. He has given some excellent runs to the team whenever the need arose in the past. However, when it came to IPL, he wasn’t that promising for the six teams that bid to get him since the beginning of IPL. Patel has recorded 13 ducks in the 137 matches that he played throughout the IPL.

4. Harbhajan Singh (13 Ducks)
Harbhajan Singh is often seen as an inspiring bowler for the world. He has given some great wickets and saved important runs for the Indian team, which eventually helped the team reach its targets. Singh is not a batsman to begin with, so he can be somewhere excused for recording 13 ducks in 90 matches that he played for 3 major teams in the IPL. He stands in fourth position.

3. Piyush Chawla (13 Ducks)
Piyush Chawla is yet another bowler. In fact, in the bowling category, he has shown some remarkable performances. But his records in the Ducks category cannot be ignored too. We mean, even 1 run would have saved him from this embarrassment. He scored the third position in the most ducks category of IPL in 82 matches that he played for three main teams of the list.

2. Rohit Sharma (14 Ducks)
Seeing Rohit Sharma in this category is rather disturbing. He has records for some excellent scoring in the batting category and seeing his name for the Most Ducks can be actually shocking. But yes, Sharma has given 14 ducks in the 222 matches that he has played for two leading teams. The captain of the Indian cricket team also has had some bad days, so it means we can give batters some benefit of the doubt once in a while.

1. Mandeep Singh (14 Ducks)
The topper of the most ducks in the IPL history records is Mandeep Singh. With 14 ducks, he goes in a tie with Rohit Sharma. Singh has played 95 innings for four teams since the beginning of the IPL in 2008. But overall, he has made 1694 runs and took one wicket in his IPL career. The average could have been improved by Singh as expectations from exceptional players is much bigger.

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