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IPL Records – Fastest 50 in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: Fastest 50 in IPL History

Indian Premier League (IPL) has given retired and old players a place to continue living their passion. While some players do take complete retirement, others get over to coaching the teams as well. IPL Season 16 is the last one for MS Dhoni, but he may become the coach for other IPL teams in the future. This tournament has paved the way for many players to also achieve success and make new records that make themselves proud. T20 format is exciting and has brought a lot of coverage for the players over time.

Khelraja gives due appreciation to the players and all the focus light that they deserve. Making records is the stuff of legends. Let’s check out the details of the IPL players who have scored the fastest fifties in IPL history:

Player Name Runs Balls Used Against
1. KL Rahul 51 14 Delhi Capitals (DC)
2. Pat Cummins 56 14 Mumbai Indians (MI)
3. Yusuf Pathan 72 15 Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)
4. Sunil Narine 54 15 Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)
5. Suresh Raina 87 16 Punjab Kings (PBKS)

5. Suresh Raina (87 Runs in 16 Balls)
Suresh Raina flaunts his records and batting abilities with excellent records formed over the years. Suresh Raina’s fastest fifty was in only 16 balls. He has played on behalf of the Punjab Kings team. He is a valuable part of the Indian International cricket team and brings a lot of value to the table. With his contribution in the past, the team has won trophies and a lot of recognition. Raina is also now proving to be an integral part of the Punjab Kings team.

4. Sunil Narine (54 Runs in 15 Balls)
Sunil Narine has formed fourth place on the records for the fastest fifties in the IPL. He used only 15 balls to achieve the target. Narine is a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL team. He has worked hard towards getting records in his name. He is a high-profile cricketer who thoroughly loves the T20 cricket format. He is a part of the West Indies international cricket team but he has also played on behalf of the KKR team.

3. Yusuf Pathan (72 Runs in 15 Balls)
Next on the list is Yusuf Pathan who has scored the third position as the fastest fifty scorer of the IPL matches. In just 15 balls, Yusuf Pathan scored 72 runs. Looks like Pathan was on a real rampage on the day and called for some real deal. He was a part of the Indian cricket team but in the IPL he played on behalf of the Sunrisers Hyderabad. The team has not done any particular wonders in IPL yet but the players are pretty strong and believe in their abilities.

2. Pat Cummins (56 Runs in 14 Balls)
The second position goes to Pat Cummins. He is not only an excellent batter with a record of 56 runs in just 14 balls but he is also an excellent bowler who has collected some important wickets for his team in the past. In IPL 2020, he took a 4-wicket haul that surprised everyone on the field and in the audience stands. Cummins is an all-rounder that any team would be lucky to have. He plays on behalf of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL today.

1. KL Rahul (51 Runs in 14 Balls)
KL Rahul is a charmer and a surprise player from the Indian cricket team. In a short career span, KL Rahul has given some impressive performances and innings to his team. Not only on the international front but also on the national level. He plays on behalf of the Delhi Capitals IPL team and scored his fastest fifty when he used only 14 balls to make 51 runs in a match. KL Rahul has now become a household name that is loved by all across the globe.

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