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IPL Records – Most 50s in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: MOST 50s IN IPL HISTORY

Over the lifespan of the IPL seasons, we have seen several international players perform exceptionally well on the Indian grounds. But no one has been more consistent than David Warner. Wherever we talk about batting records, David Warner takes a space in one category or the other. This is the beauty of IPL. It paves way for the batters to shine. The limitation of 20 overs takes out the best out of the cricketers. Not only does the audience enjoy the show, but the cricketers also enjoy the game and leave no stone unturned.

Khelraja is here to celebrate the records and achievements of the most respectable batsmen in the history of IPL. They may belong to different teams, but their skill belongs to only themselves. Let’s give them a big round of applause!

Player Name Matches Runs The 50s
1. David Warner 162 5882 55
2. Shikhar Dhawan 206 6244 47
3. Virat Kohli 223 6624 45
4. AB de Villiers 184 5162 40
5. Rohit Sharma 227 5879 40

5. Rohit Sharma (40 Fifties)
With a record of 40 fifties, Rohit Sharma holds the fifth place on the record board. Mumbai Indians retained this spectacular player and the captain of the Indian International cricket team at 16 crores. With a score of such high runs and several records to his name, any team would want the experience he carries throughout a match. Sharma has played about 227 matches in the IPL and has a total of 5879 runs in his kitty. He is all set to break the old records with his unmatched form this season.

4. AB de Villiers (40 Fifties)
When we talk about batting records, AB de Villiers is one name that always pops up. He carries an average of a whooping 39.70. He is a right-handed batsman that has gained a lot of respect in the cricketing world. As a part of the RCB team he has worked hard towards helping the team reach milestones and get closer to victory in each season. Whenever it comes to chasing a target, Villiers is one name that anyone can trust.

3. Virat Kohli (45 Fifties)
Virat Kohli is one of the kings of making and breaking records. He scored his 45th fifty in the IPL during the 5th match of the 2023 IPL season. The match was between RCB and MI and Virat Kohli created history by using only 38 balls that included 4 fours and 2 sixes to score the fifty. With this, he also completed 3000 runs as an opener and became one of the leading Indians to keep his ground on the record card.

2. Shikhar Dhawan (47 Fifties)
Shikhar Dhawan holds second place on the list of batsmen with the maximum number of 50s in IPL. While Dhawan leads the charts in some categories, he is right behind David Warner in scoring the best records as a batsman. It took Dhawan 206 matches to make the score and be listed among the best players in the history of IPL. That is the very reason why Dhawan is among the most popular players in the tournament.

1. David Warner (55 Fifties)
David Warner cannot miss even a single chance to become the best. He has worked continuously well to get to the top of almost every single category of IPL records. Not only this, but Warner’s name also can be often seen in the records category of other formats of cricket as well. So, if you are in for excitement and want to watch some fast-paced thrilling cricket, then IPL is the perfect place to be.

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