- Most Expensive Players in IPL 2023

IPL Records – Most Expensive Players in IPL 2023



IPL Records and Statistics: Which are the most expensive players in IPL 2023?

Every year, right before the IPL actually starts, all eyes are turned towards the auctions. Money is literally spilled by the team sponsors to get their desired players on the team. The same was also true when it came to the Women’s Premier League. 10 teams of the IPL go head-to-head to get the best cricketers in the world and have a higher chance to win the cup. IPL is thus one of the most competitive games that is played in the history of cricket till now. This year, the IPL auctions broke big records that were made in the past. 

Khelraja brings to you some interesting facts and information that you can thoroughly enjoy. You would want to know how much players get if they are worthy now, don’t you? Let’s check out how the worth of the IPL players was judged in 2023 and what value it has brought to the teams. 

Player Name Team Name Amount
Sam Curran Punjab Kings 185 Million Rupees
Cameron Green Mumbai Indians 175 Million Rupees
KL Rahul Lucknow SuperGiants 170 Million Rupees
Ben Stokes Chennai Super Kings 162.5 Million Rupees
Nicholas Pooran Lucknow SuperGiants 160 Million Rupees
  1. Nicholas Pooran (160 Million Rupees)

At the fifth position, we have not only Nicholas Pooran but also Ravindra Jadeja, Rishabh Pant, Andre Russell and Rohit Sharma. They were all bought by different teams at the price of 160 million. The teams bet hard to get these valuable players in their corner. The only point of this whole exercise is to get the cup in the end and win the matches. The IPL T20 matches are seen around the world and many people bet their best instincts on who will win the match or score the most runs. 

  1. Ben Stokes (162.5 Million Rupees)

Ben Stokes stood on the fourth position when he was won by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for 162.5 million rupees. Stokes is an excellent player and has recorded several wins and matches due to his capabilities and skills. He has given performance with plausibility and driven his team towards success. That is the very reason that CSK bid so high to get Stokes to play on their behalf rather than against them. But the question arises if he has actually improved the odds of the team or not.

  1. KL Rahul (170 Million Rupees)

Our very own KL Rahul is the third player to have gotten the maximum amount of money for his skills. At 170 million rupees, it is estimated that Lucknow SuperGiants improved their odds of turning the games in their favour. KL Rahul has several batting records to his name and has improved the chances of teams in the past as well. With the reduced abilities of LSG in the past, KL Rahul is estimated to have improved the same considerably with his presence. 

  1. Cameron Green (175 Million Rupees)

Cameron Green gets the second position with 175 million rupees. Bought by Mumbai Indians, Green is an exceptional player who has performed incredibly well in the past. MI is expected to win more matches with the improvement in the line up over time. MI has not won a lot of matches in the past few seasons. With the presence of Green, the team might actually get its prestige back. 

  1. Sam Curran (185 Million Rupees)

A lot of pressure was exerted on Sam Curran as soon as he was termed as the most expensive player to have ever been bought. Punjab Kings spent a fortune of 185 million rupees to get the player in their corner. Punjab Kings really needed a strong player to represent them on the team. Curran is positive and often stated that he will not let the pressure degrade his performance. But the whole worth of 185 million will be seen on the pitches when Punjab Kings starts playing their hand. 

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