Which Indian cricketer has recorded the most wickets in a series in ODI

Which Indian Cricketer Has Recorded the Most Wickets in a Series in ODI?



Which Indian Cricketer Has Recorded the Most Wickets in a Series in ODI?

Exploring the past of Indian cricket, this collection highlights the outstanding bowling exploits of prominent players in a range of international cricket competitions and series. Discover stories from the 2023 Cricket World Cup, such as Mohammed Shami‘s remarkable seven-wicket performance and Zaheer Khan’s crucial nine-wicket performance during India’s winning campaign in 2011. The stories showcase the skill and determination that define India’s bowling tradition. They highlight the deadly abilities of Jasprit Bumrah, the all-around talent of Kapil Dev, and the collective efforts that highlight the team’s unwavering spirit and success in the international arena. Discover how these essential historical events shaped India’s cricket victories.

1 24 Mohammed Shami 7 2023 Cricket World Cup
2 21 Zaheer Khan 9 2011 Cricket World Cup
3 20 Jasprit Bumrah 11 2023 Cricket World Cup
Kapil Dev 12 1985–86 Australian Tri-Series
5 18 Amit Mishra 5 Indian cricket team in Zimbabwe in 2013
Javagal Srinath 7 Indian cricket team in New Zealand in 2002–03
Roger Binny 8 1983 Cricket World Cup
Umesh Yadav 8 2015 Cricket World Cup
Jasprit Bumrah 9 2019 Cricket World Cup
  • Mohammed Shami – 7 wickets in the 2023 Cricket World Cup:

Mohammed Shami has contributed significantly to India’s bowling ability with his seven-wicket performance at the 2023 Cricket World Cup. His outstanding performance demonstrated his capacity to succeed on the biggest stage of international cricket and had a significant impact on India’s effort during the competition.

  • Zaheer Khan – 9 wickets in the 2011 Cricket World Cup:

India’s victory in the 2011 Cricket World Cup was primarily due to Zaheer Khan’s outstanding performance, which included nine wickets. Being a vital component of the bowling team, Khan’s capacity to perform well under duress indeed went a long way towards helping India win the coveted title.

  • Jasprit Bumrah – 11 wickets in the 2023 Cricket World Cup:

Jasprit Bumrah is considered one of the best fast bowlers in modern cricket because of his incredible 11-wicket performance in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Bumrah is a great asset to the Indian cricket squad because of his deadly pace and unconventional bowling action, which always define his performances.

  • Kapil Dev – 12 wickets in the 1985–86 Australian Tri-Series:

Kapil Dev’s remarkable bowling performance in the 1985–86 Australian Tri-Series—12 wickets—emphasizes his versatility. Notable for spearheading India’s maiden Cricket World Cup triumph in 1983, Kapil Dev’s ongoing achievements in succeeding competitions and series reinforce his status as one of India’s cricketing icons.

  • Amit Mishra – 5 wickets in the Indian cricket team’s tour of Zimbabwe in 2013

Javagal Srinath’s seven-wicket performance during the Indian cricket team’s tour of New Zealand in 2002–03 emphasizes his ability to excel in challenging overseas conditions. Srinath, a fast bowler known for his pace and accuracy, played a significant role in India’s pace attack during his career.

  • Javagal Srinath – 7 wickets in the Indian cricket team’s tour of New Zealand in 2002–03:

Javagal Srinath’s seven-wicket performance in the 2002–03 Indian cricket team tour of New Zealand highlights his ability to perform well in challenging foreign environments. During his career, fast bowler Srinath—who is renowned for his accuracy and pace—contributed significantly to India’s pace attack.

  • Roger Binny – 8 wickets in the 1983 Cricket World Cup:

India’s historic triumph in the 1983 Cricket World Cup was primarily attributed to Roger Binny’s eight wickets. Binny was a medium-fast bowler whose ability to take wickets was crucial to India’s performance in the tournament.

  • Umesh Yadav – 8 wickets in the 2015 Cricket World Cup:

Umesh Yadav’s impressive eight-wicket performance during the 2015 Cricket World Cup demonstrates his influence as a fast bowler on a worldwide scale. Yadav’s exploits were crucial to India’s bowling assault and helped the team advance in the competition.

  • Jasprit Bumrah – 9 wickets in the 2019 Cricket World Cup

With his nine wickets in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, Jasprit Bumrah solidified his reputation as a reliable player in big competitions. Bumrah’s aptitude for producing breakthroughs for the team is demonstrated by his ability to take wickets at pivotal moments.

An overview of Indian cricket players’ standout bowling performances throughout a range of international competitions and series is given in the table. These displays not only showcase individual talent but also the teamwork of the Indian bowling unit in winning on the international cricket scene.

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