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CPL Records and Statistics: Which teams have recorded the lowest score total in the history of the Caribbean Premier League?

In every format of cricket, the central crux of the game is to make runs in the first innings and set a target for the other team to meet. Defending the target is the next set of challenges in the second innings for the bowling team and the fielders. But what happens when the batters have failed to make a good enough runs in the first innings itself? Does that reduce the complete morale of the team in the second innings? There are a lot of questions that cannot be entirely answered. But the main idea is that every team should work towards making enough runs in the first innings to give a strong target and win the game at the end. 

Khelraja brings an exciting set of CPL records for you to read and learn from. There are definitely teams that did not have good batters or have luck on their side on a particular day. Such teams made the lowest score in CPL in a particular match and eventually made a record out of their incapabilities. The following table showcases the lowest scores that were made by a team. So, check out the players and the capabilities of the teams before you engage with the best online cricket betting websites like Khelraja today. 

Team Score Overs Against Year
Red Steel 52 12.5 Tridents 2013
Amazon 55 13.4 Zouks 2020
Tridents 59 13.4 Amazon 2017
Stars 69 12.3 Patriots 2018
Patriots 75 15.5 Tallawahs 2016
  1. Patriots (75 Runs)

In 2016, the Patriots met the Tallawahs on the ground to fight for a place on the points table and stand their ground. However, the luck of the players was not on their side on this day. The Patriots were only able to make 75 runs in 15.5 overs. The whole team lost their place on the crease by the Tallawahs bowlers very soon. They played in the Kingston grounds and the Patriots found themselves in a very peculiar situation. The runs they made were too low in the first innings and they knew that they would not be able to do much against the Tallawahs batters. However, the bowlers still tried their best before the Patriots lost the match and made a record of the lowest score in the CPL history.

  1. Stars (69 Runs)

On the fourth position of the lowest score in CPL record, is the ranking of 69 runs that were made by the Stars team back in 2018. Where 150-175 runs is a good average in the T20 tournaments, making 69 runs can be considered to be shameful. The batters were unable to make a good number of runs in the first innings and give their competing team – the Patriots a good score to follow through. The team of Stars lost all wickets in just 12.3 overs and could not stand their ground. The batters and the other half of the team were definitely ashamed of the outcomes of the first innings. 

  1. Tridents (59 Runs)

On the third position of the lowest score in CPL record, rests the Tridents with only 59 runs. The team was able to collect the score in just 13.4 overs. The Tridents lost all the wickets very early which is a significant reason behind the reduced number of runs in the first place. The Amazon team had excellent bowlers who took the wickets early and reduced the pressure on the batters in the second innings. The batters of the Amazon team were certainly delighted with the less number of runs to chase to win the match and got the victory in house very easily. 

  1. Amazon (55 Runs)

On the second position of the Lowest Score in CPL, we have the Amazon team. Although the team is considered to be quite capable of even winning the title, the day went badly for the teams’ players and especially the batters. The team was unable to make more than 55 runs in just 13.4 overs. The Zouks team was exceptional and played very well that day. All the wickets were taken early and the Amazon team realized their blunder. The match did not go forth to the second innings and the victory was named after the Zouks in this match held in 2020. 

  1. Red Steel (52 Runs)

In 2013, the Red Steel made history in the CPL tournament by giving the least score for the second team to chase. The team could collectively make only 52 runs in 12.5 overs. The batters had least expected this to happen but the proficiency of the Tridents was beyond discussion. The Tridents took one wicket after the other and did not give a chance to the Red Steel team to stand on the crease for too long. The Red Steel team realized what had happened when the last wicket went down and did not try to defend the score at all. With this, the Tridents took the victory without the second innings on the Bridgetown ground that day. 

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