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CPL Records and Statistics: Which teams have recorded the biggest win in the history of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL)?

What is sports all about? It is about two teams playing against each other to win a match. The team that is able to score the maximum and protect that score tends to win the match. The win is always what is ultimately remembered. The win margin is something that showcases the actual capability of the batters and the bowlers in a particular match. With limited overs in T20 matches, the excitement is on a high level with every ball that is bowled. Since its start in 2013, the CPL has seen some real action packed performances. 

Khelraja is one of the best websites for online cricket betting in India. We bring in information on some of the best records and performances of matches, teams and their respective players. The following table showcases the record of the biggest win margin recorded in the CPL matches until now:   

Winner Margin Target Against Date
Barbados 143 195 TKR 2022
Tallawahs 120 256 Kings 2021
Patriots 119 200 Tallawahs 2015
Tallawahs 108 184 Patriots 2016
Trinbago 100 196 Stars 2018
  1. Trinbago (Margin of 100 Runs)

On the fifth position there is the Trinbago team who won by a big margin of 100 runs against the Stars. In 2018, the Trinbago gave the Stars a target of 196 and were pretty confident of their victory. The score of 196 runs is pretty good for a team in a T20 tournament. The Stars were also confident that they could meet the target but the Trinbago team was better than them. The bowlers took all the batters of Stars by surprise and took the wickets fast. They won by 100 runs. 

  1. Tallawahs (Margin of 108 Runs)

The match between the Tallawahs and the Patriots is the fourth on the list. The target given by the Tallawahs was 184 which is definitely a good enough score to win the match. The Patriots were confident that their batters would be able to match the target in time and win the match. But the Tallawahs had different plans. They were prepared for battle and their bowlers made that clear from the very beginning. The Tallawahs took wicket after wicket and did not let the Patriots meet the target that they had given. They ultimately won the match by a margin of 108 runs. 

  1. Patriots (Margin of 119 Runs)

At the third position we have the match that was held between the Patriots and the Tallawahs once again. This match happened in 2015 when the two teams met on the Basseterre ground to face each other and make their team proud. The target was 200 on the board and the Tallawahs were defending the score against the Patriots. The Patriots were confident of their victory and they were not wrong. They won the match by a margin of 119 runs when they took all the Tallawahs wickets in just a few minutes. 

  1. Tallawahs (Margin of 120 Runs)

The second position is held by the Tallawahs who won the match by 120 Runs against the Kings. In 2021, the Kings were expected to make a score of 256 runs that was given by the Tallawahs but their team batters were too weak to hold ground. Ultimately, the Tallawahs were able to make their mark on the battlefield with this big win. They took wickets of the Kings quickly. The team morale was already down with such a big target to meet. The victory was easy for the Tallawahs. 

  1. Barbados (Margin of 143 Runs)

The first position in the biggest win category of the CPL records is taken by the Barbados. The target was 195 runs that was given by the Barbados. The TKR were unable to meet the target when the Barbados bowlers came on the field. The TKR team saw its wickets taken from the beginning and weren’t able to do anything. It was in 2022 that the win was registered as the biggest win margin one. It’s actually very insulting to give such a big win to another team. 

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