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CPL Records and Statistics: Which team has collected the highest score in the CPL history?

It is definitely a delight to see batters in full action and setting a good score on the board. With every six or a boundary the excitement of the entire stadium increased 10-fold. This is exactly what everyone likes to see each time a good set of teams are scheduled to play on the grounds. Every cricket lover sitting in front of their TV sets would also want to see some great action by the batters because that is exactly why the match is being viewed in the first place. The enjoyment, thrill and the love for the game is all because of the high action-packed performance given by the batters and the bowlers in every game. 

Khelraja realizes the love that people hold for cricket around the globe. That is why we bring to you the latest and the most updated information on the records and statistics of the leading games. Before you brace your fingers at the online cricket betting websites, it is critical for you to have all the information in hand about the leading players and 0teams and their overall abilities. The following table reflects on the CPL records that were made by teams in the category of the highest score registered on the scoreboard:

Team Score Overs Against
Trinbago 267/2 20.0 Tallawahs
Tallawahs 255/5 20.0 Kings
Patriots 242/6 18.5 Tallawahs
Tallawahs 241/4 20.0 Patriots
Stars 226/6 20.0 Tridents
  1. Stars (226 Runs)

The fifth position for the highest score in CPL is occupied by the Stars with a score of 226 runs with 6 wickets in hand. The team played for 20 overs and made a whopping score that was a big challenge for the Tridents in August 2018. The ground was Gros Islet, and the score was regarded as exceptional for the T20 history as it exceeded the typical numbers that are seen. The CPL has not seen many records like these, and it was extraordinary to see the skills of the batters on the field. 

  1. Tallawahs (241 Runs)

In 2019, another historical highest score record was seen on the grounds of Basseterre stadium. The match was between the Tallawahs and the Patriots. The Tallawahs comfortably made 241 runs in 20 overs and paved the way for their victory with much ease. The Patriots bowlers were astounded by the performance of the batters and were unable to stop them from reaching their targets. The Patriots were only able to take 4 wickets which gave the all-rounders a chance to prove their skills on the field. 

  1. Patriots (242 Runs)

On the third position, we have the record made by the batters of the Patriots’ team. The team made 242 runs with 6 wickets down. The match was played until 18.5 overs. If the team played another 7 balls, it might have been able to increase the count further. The Tallawahs were not expecting the same and were clearly intimidated by the number of runs that the Patriots had managed to score. 200 runs are certainly a good number but anything above that can create a huge lot of pressure on the opposing team. 

  1. Tallawahs (255 Runs)

In 2021 another history and record was created by the batters of Tallawahs team on the Basseterre ground. The team made a whopping score of 255 runs in 20 overs precisely. The batters were definitely in form and were determined to score this victory in their favour. The collection of a huge score makes it difficult for the opposition to meet the target. It becomes favourable for the bowlers as well. The fielders also understand that controlling the number of runs by the other team becomes a big task for the team to win ultimately. 

  1. Trinbago (267 Runs)

At the top of the record of the highest score in CPL is the Trinbago franchise team. The score recorded by the batters of the Trinbago team was 267. The team had lost only 2 wickets which means that the Tallawahs bowlers had a long face by the end of the first innings of the match. In 2019, the Trinbago batters proved their capabilities to the world and proved themselves to be exceptional. The first innings definitely completed 20 overs and the batters made a record that they were definitely proud of. 

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