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CPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the most centuries in Caribbean Premier League (CPL) until now?

Like the IPL, the CPL is also gaining a lot of popularity among cricket lovers across the globe. There is a lot of excitement among the cricket fans to follow the matches and the progress of the teams. With every new CPL tournament each year, the teams work hard to win the title. There are a lot of players who have played in different T20 tournaments and are a part of the CPL as well. They say – the more you practice, the more you become better for the international team and perform for the country. So, a lot of players tend to join franchise T20 teams to get more exposure and money. 

CPL T20 has become extremely popular lately. The franchise owners are Indians who also own the IPL teams. They work religiously towards promoting the CPL teams as well. At Khelraja, we promote CPL and all other tournaments that might interest our customers. Our main purpose is to help you understand the teams and the players so you can judge which ones are capable enough to perform better. Check out the best cricket betting app in India to know about the cricket records on most centuries in CPL formed until now:

Player Matches Runs 100s
Chris Gayle 85 2519 4
Devon Smith 65 1655 4
Andre Russell 76 1491 2
Faf du Plesis 29 788 2
Brandon King 65 1490 2
  1. Brandon King (2 centuries)

Brandon King stands on the fifth position with 2 centuries. He has played 65 matches and made 1490 total runs since he started playing in the CPL tournament. King has records in other T20 categories as well. He is one of the most reliable players to have on the team. He helps a team in winning the matches with his performance and contribution of runs. Brandon King and his batting skills are legendary and he is an asset to have. 

  1. Faf du Plesis (2 centuries)

Faf du Plesis rests on the fourth position with a score of 2 centuries. Plesis has been a part of 29 matches in which he has made 788 runs. His average has been calculated and concluded to be 30.30. He has also made 2 50s apart from the 2 100s that he has made. Plesis is the captain of the current team in which he is playing. He has also shown his skills as a captain of RCB in the IPL as well. He is thus a very reliable player. 

  1. Andre Russell (2 centuries)

Andre Russell is at the third position. He also made 2 centuries like the previous two players in this list. Russell made this score in 76 matches. The total number of scores that he has made since 2013 are 1491 runs. His average is 31.06 and this is the very reason why he has the third position in this category. He has also made 6 50s apart from the recorded centuries. These records are a direct reflection of his skills and commitment to his batting abilities. Russell is all set to play in the future matches as well. 

  1. Devon Smith (4 centuries)

Devon Smith holds the second position of scoring the most centuries in CPL. He shares this score with Chris Gayle but the averages of a batter tend to decide the place of a batter in a particular category. Devon has played 65 CPL games in which is made 4 centuries and 8 half-centuries. Smith has made about 1655 runs in total and his average is about 27.13 in the CPL tournament. He played for 5 years only i.e. until 2018.

  1. Chris Gayle (4 centuries)

Chris Gayle is one cricket star that no one can compete with. He has made big records in other T20 tournaments as well. He made the highest score in IPL too – 175 runs not out. Some of his records are so tough that no one has been able to break them even now. Gayle played 85 matches in CPL until 2021. He has contributed a total of 2519 runs in these matches for the teams he played with. He made 4 centuries and 13 half-centuries to drive his teams towards victory. His average was 35.60 which is excellent. 

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