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CPL Records: Best Bowling Figures in CPL History

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CPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the best bowling figures in the history of CPL?

It takes sheer hard work to be good at something. But it comes passion and perseverance to become excellent at it. With players as well, individuals with a high amount of passion are the ones who continuously practice and work hard to improve themselves. The CPL is yet another T20 league that has gained high popularity over the course of the years. The passion of the cricketers can be easily seen on the grounds of the CPL tournament and matches each year. Just like the IPL, several franchise teams compete with each other to win the title. It is actually filled with a lot of fun and excitement as the T20 league dictates cricket in the fast forward mode. Getting the best bowling figures in any match is a big deal for a bowler. 

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Bowler Overs Wickets Economy Rate
Shakib Al Hasan 4 6/6 1.50
Sohail Tanvir  4 5/3 0.75
Mohammad Nabi 4 5/15 3.75
Hayden Walsh  4 5/19 4.75
Raymon Reifer 4 5/20 5.00
  1. Raymon Reifer

Raymon Reifer is on the fifth position for the best bowling figures in CPL until now. The number of overs bowled were 4 and the figure was 5/20 which includes 20 runs and 5 wickets taken. The economy rate of Reifer was 5.00 which is exceptionally great. Reifer is one of the best bowlers that the CPL tournament has seen until now. Giving only 20 runs and taking 5 wickets is definitely a big deal in 4 overs since we have also seen bowlers giving over 60 runs in a single over. 

  1. Hayden Walsh

Hayden Walsh stands on the fourth position in the category of the best bowling figures in CPL. With 4 overs bowled, Walsh gave only 19 runs to the batters and successfully took 5 wickets. He was roaring on an economy rate of 4.75 and did pretty well to make his team proud. Walsh was playing on behalf of the Tridents and the batters of the Trinbago team were in trouble with his exceptional bowling performance in 2019. 

  1. Mohammad Nabi

In 2020, Mohammad Nabi made a name for himself in the history and records of the CPL book. He bowled 4 overs against a match with the Patriots. He took 5 wickets and gave only 15 runs when playing on behalf of the Zouks team in the Port of Spain that day. Nabi carried an amazing economy rate of 3.75 and the crowd was amazed with his excellent performance. 

  1. Sohail Tanvir

In the second position stands Sohail Tanvir who made a mark for himself with his bowling skills once again. Tanvir played on behalf of the Amazon against the Tridents in 2017 when he made this historical figure and record. Tanvir took 5 wickets one after the other and gave only 3 runs to the opposition team. The whole ground was shocked with what had happened and Tanvir got the applause of the cricketing world for this performance on the field.  

  1. Shakib Al Hasan

Leading the board for the best bowling figures in the history of CPL is Shakib Al Hasan who also bowled 4 overs in which he made history as well. Shakib took 6 wickets and gave only 6 runs to the Red Steel. He played on behalf of the Tridents on 3 August 2013. His record is one such that no other bowler can dream of breaking in the CPL. It requires sheer hard work and determination to actually pull something like this off. Hasan has indeed proven his worth. 

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