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CPL Records and Statistics: Which players have recorded the most half-centuries in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) history?

Every batter wishes to score some big number of runs for their respective teams and help them reduce the overall pressure that they have to face. Scoring a big number can be troublesome in all formats. With T20 cricket, it becomes more challenging as the number of overs are also limited. The batters make an attempt to start hitting the ball out of the boundary from the beginning itself. A contribution of 30-40 runs is also considered a good job for the batters. But when a batter makes half a century then it is accounted to be an exceptional performance. The ratio of making half centuries is particularly difficult and low in T20 format. 

At Khelraja, we offer the best exposure to the teams and the players. Our purpose is to bring light to the abilities of the teams that directly reflects the proficiency of the team as a whole. The CPL has given a lot of exposure to batters and how they can perform under pressure in different formats. Let’s check out the number of half-centuries that are made by players over time and how they have gained some good popularity for their batting brilliance. 

Player Matches Runs 50s
Lendl Simmons 93 2629 20
Evin Lewis 80 2213 18
Chris Gayle 85 2519 17
Johnson Charles 88 2272 17
Colin Munro 73 2178 15
  1. Colin Munro (15 half-centuries)

On the fifth position, we have Colin Munro who has scored 15 half-centuries in the 17 matches that he has played on behalf of several teams during the course of his career in the CPL between 2016-2022. The player has scored a total of 2178 runs and carries an excellent average of 35.70. Munro has proven to be a valuable player for the teams and has always seemed to find a place in one of the teams after his latter brilliant set of performances. 

  1. Johnson Charles (17 half-centuries)

At the fourth position we have Johnson Charles who has collected 17 half-centuries. In total, he has played about 88 matches for the teams that he has been a part of. His total score has come out to be 2272 runs. Charles is a recurrent name in the different records and statistics that are associated with the CPL. He has been a part of the CPL since its inception in 2013. He carries an average rate of 26.41 and the strike rate of 128.00.

  1. Chris Gayle (17 half-centuries)

It can be surprising to see Chris Gayle at the third position. He has always managed to claim the first position when it comes to batting records. In this category, Gayle claims the third slot with 17 half centuries during his tenure with the CPL i.e. 2013-2022. Since Gayle has retired, the other batters now have an opportunity to showcase their abilities and compete with the records of the best of the best over time. Gayle has played 85 matches in CPL and made a total of 2519 runs since he started playing. He carries an average of 36.50 and the strike rate of 133.33. With 17 half centuries, he still brings the best to the table when it comes to batting. 

  1. Evin Lewis (18 half-centuries)

At the second position we have Evin Lewis with 18 half-centuries. He has managed to score one extra half century to beat Chris Gayle and take on the second position. As it is very hard to score a half century in the T20 format, scoring 18 50s is commendable. Lewis has played fewer matches than Gayle also – 80 matches. He started being a part of the CPL in 2014 and played till 2022. His total score count in terms of runs made is 2213. The average for Lewis is 29.50 and his strike rate is 143.60. Lewis is definitely an excellent player and has proved himself with these records. 

  1. Lendl Simmons (20 half-centuries)

In the first position, Lendl Simmons rests with his safe 20 half-centuries. When it comes to batting records in the CPL, the name of Simmons is very recurrent and evident. He has made a mark for himself in the batting category with some excellent work. Simmons has played 93 matches which is very high. He played for 8 years in the CPL – 2013-2021 and still managed to make exceptional scores in the league. His records are unbeatable in several categories and it will take a lot of hard work for batters to match up to him. 

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