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CPL Records: Highest Individual Score in CPL

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CPL Records and Statistics: which players have recorded the highest individual score in the history of CPL?

In the T20 leagues, making a century is a big deal for a batsman. Given the low number of overs that are available for batters, when they make a century, they make history for themselves. The record for the highest individual score in the CPL history dictates majorly the score that is made in hundreds by batters in the tournament each year. The higher the score is, the better chances of making a record or breaking some. The openers or the top order batsmen have a higher chance of making a hundred as they are able to face more balls than the others that come in line. There are very few middle order batsmen who have been able to get past even a half-century. The bowlers simply don’t allow that to happen very fast. 

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Player Runs Balls Team
Brandon King 132* 72 Amazon
Andre Russell 121* 49 Tallawahs
Faf du Plessis 120* 60 Kings
Chris Gayle 116* 62 Tallawahs
Chris Gayle 111* 63 Tallawahs
  1. Chris Gayle (111 Runs in 63 Balls)

There are very few records found where Chris Gayle is at the fifth and the fourth position. Nonetheless, he is always present when it comes to batting records. In this category of the highest individual score in CPL history also, he has found two spots on the top 5. In this match, Gayle made 111 runs in just 63 balls. He was a part of the Tallawahs franchise team in this match. On this day, he made 5 fours, 10 sixes and had a strike rate of 176.19. The score was smashed against the Zouks team and the ground was St. Georges. The year was 2014 when the record was made and since then not many batters have been able to break this. 

  1. Chris Gayle (116 Runs in 62 Balls)

In 2019, Gayle made another record which landed him the fourth position in the category of the highest individual score in the CPL history. He made 116 runs on 62 balls which is exceptional performance by all accounts. In this record, he also made 7 fours, 10 sixes and carried a strike rate of 187.09. He was again playing on behalf of the Jamaica Tallawahs and the bowling team on the other side was the Patriots. Gayle never fell short of showing his skill and smashing every ball to the best of his capability. He is one cricketer who has given meaning to the best batting proficiency in the world today. 

  1. Faf du Plessis (120 Runs in 60 Balls)

On the third position we have Faf du Plessis who made this record on 4 September 2021. Plessis has several batting records to his name even in the IPL and other international cricket games, formats and tournaments. The score made was 120 not out at 60 balls only. Plessis gave 13 boundaries and 5 sixes that helped him make this record. His strike rate was amazingly recorded at 200. He played on behalf of the Kings against the Patriots on this day.

  1. Andre Russell (121 Runs in 49 Balls)

On 10 August 2018, Andre Russell also got an opportunity to show his real batting skills at the Port of Spain Stadium. He made an excellent score of 121 not out on only 49 balls. This was one hell of a match where Russell was at his peak. With 6 boundaries and 13 sixes, Russell was literally on fire on that day. He was playing on behalf of the Jamaica Tallawahs against the Trinbago team. Since then, Russell has made the second position on the record for the highest individual score in CPL history. 

  1. Brandon King (132 Runs in 72 Balls)

In the first position for the record of the highest individual score in the CPL history, we have Brandon King. He made an unbeatable score of 132 runs not out at 72 balls alone. Since 6 October 2019, no other batsman has been able to match up to this score and beat the sound proficiency of batters like Brandon King. Even though the next generation of batters are here but the kind of steel these batters had, no one can match up to them. King made 10 boundaries and 11 sixes to reach this score. He played on behalf of the Amazon team against the Tridents. 

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