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CPL Records – Most Sixes in the CPL History

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CPL Records and Statistics: Which player has recorded the most sixes in the history of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL)?

In the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) like other T20 tournaments, the main crux of the game is to hit as many runs as possible from the start of the match. The overs are limited but the batters must make as many runs as they can. Whether it is the first innings or the second innings, the job of the batters is to make a good score for the opponent to chase or help the team in chasing the score that was set by the other team. Either way, the scores have to be made. With limited overs, the best way to make a good total is to hit the ball outside the boundary or hit a six out of the stadium. It is also one of the major highlights of the cricket world. Batters must hit sixes and score big runs. 

The following table will help you know more about the batters who have hit the most sixes in CPL until now. Get acquainted with the best batters of the season before you jump onto making your finest online cricket betting strategy. In CPL it is all about making the most runs as fast as possible and the following batters made it possible for their respective teams to do the same.

Player Matches Runs Sixes
Evin Lewis 88 2346 173
Chris Gayle 85 2519 172
Kieron Pollard 102 2359 156
Lendl Simmons 93 2629 133
Andre Russell 86 1610 126
  1. Andre Russell (126 Sixes)

No cricket betting record can be complete without the mention of Andre Russell today. He is a fine batsman with the ability to drive sixes or meet the most difficult targets for his team. Russell has hit 126 sixes in 86 matches. He made it easier for his team to meet the targets and reach out for excellence. His total number of runs have amounted to 1610 which is a great score to achieve. 

  1. Lendl Simmons (133 Sixes)

Lendl Simmons is another exceptional batsman who has never felt shy of driving a six towards the crowds or out of the stadium. He has always understood his responsibility as a batsman and lived up to the challenges that were set forth for him. Simmons has made 133 sixes until now in 93 matches that he has played. His total number of runs is much greater than even Russell i.e. 2629. His average was calculated to be 31.67 in total. Simmons has even scored 20 half-centuries which could be made only with a great number of sixes. 

  1. Kieron Pollard (156 Sixes)

Kieron Pollard is also a great batsman and that is why he holds the third position in the records for the most sixes in the CPL history. Pollard has played a total of 102 matches in his CPL career. He played in the 2022 season and made a total number of runs of 2359 in his CPL career. His record of 156 sixes is great and it has given him an excellent average of 34.18. He has also made 1 century and 13 half-centuries.  

  1. Chris Gayle (172 Sixes)

Another batsman who is always in discussion whenever it comes to batting records is Chris Gayle. He stands on the second position in the category for the most sixes in CPL history with 172 sixes. Gayle played 85 matches to be precise until 2021. His total number of runs was recorded to be 2519 and his average was 36.50. He made 4 centuries and 13 half centuries which is a great number in itself. Gayle has always proved himself on the field and made it a point to make runs that will add value to the team totals. 

  1. Evin Lewis (173 Sixes)

On the first position Evin Lewis manages to rule the record for the most sixes in the CPL history. Lewis has hit 173 sixes which is just one extra than Gayle. Lewis played till the 2022 season and a total of 88 matches. He has managed to make a total number of runs to be 2346 which includes a century and 17 half-centuries as well. Lewis carries an average 28.60 which is not great when compared to some other batters in the category, but he still manages to rule them all with his capability of hitting a six. 

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