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CPL Records and Statistics: Which player has taken the most wickets in the history of the Caribbean Premier League?

Like certain other leading countries, the West Indies has also started its very own T20 league – the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). T20 is definitely one of the most exciting formats of cricket that is known today. The popularity of the IPL speaks for itself. Since its start in 2013, the tournament has seen some excellent performances of batters and bowlers and given memorable instances for the world to see. The league has become more interesting since the inclusion of some of the best players on the globe. Whether it is the batters or the bowlers. When we discuss batters, we focus on the boundaries and the sixes. But we often forget the cheer we hear when a wicket is taken. 

There are several bowlers in the world who are known to understand the batters and take the trickiest of wickets in a matter of minutes. While we have seen many hat tricks, there are several bowlers who have made records for taking the most wickets. Some batters even fear certain bowlers. The following table shows the bowlers you can rely on when it comes to online cricket betting. Let’s have a closer look at their performance before we start with the most reliable cricket betting tips:

Player Overs Wickets Average Economy Rate
Dwayne Bravo 291.4 114 22.11 8.64
Rayad Emrit 285.4 96 22.75 7.64
Sunil Narine 339.1 90 20.07  5.32
Krishmar Santokie 222.4 85 19.90 7.59
Sheldon Cottrell 226.5 80 21.57 7.60
  1. Sheldon Cottrell (80 Wickets)

The fifth position belongs to Sheldon Cottrell who has taken 80 wickets to make space for himself in the top 5 record for the most wickets in the history of CPL. He held an average of 21.57 and bowled a total of 226.5 overs in the varied matches that he has played in his CPL career. Cottrell has quit playing in the CPL but his record has not been broken yet. He played 65 matches and took 80 wickets which is a big deal. His economy rate was also exceptional at 7.60 only. 

  1. Krishmar Santokie (85 Wickets)

The fourth position in the record for the most wickets is held by Krishmar Santokie. He played a total of 58 matches in which he took 85 wickets in total. He bowled around 222.4 overs during his time in the CPL i.e. from 2013-2019. His best bowling figure was 11 runs given and 4 wickets taken in a single match. His average was 19.90. No other bowler has been able to break this record although every cricketer wishes to make history with the work that they do on the field. 

  1. Sunil Narine (90 Wickets)

The third position belongs to Sunil Narine who has taken 90 wickets. Narine is an all-rounder who has also made records in the batting category and has ensured that his name appears in the best cricketers in CPL. He played until 2021 in 86 matches in total. He bowled 339.1 overs in his career in the CPL and his best bowling performance included 3 runs and 6 wickets. His economy was amazing and accounted for 5.32. 

  1. Rayad Emrit (96 Wickets)

Rayad Emrit holds the second position in the category of most wickets in CPL. He played 85 matches in which he took 96 wickets. His career in the CPL stopped in 2020. But he played since the start of the CPL in 2013 and bowled about 285.4 overs in total. His best bowling figure was 35 runs and 4 wickets. He also carried an average of 22.75 and an economy average of 7.64. Emrit is not a popular name, but he has a reputation that cannot be forgotten in the bowler’s category. 

  1. Dwayne Bravo (114 Wickets)

The leader of the bowlers who have recorded the most wickets in CPL is Dwayne Bravo who played in the CPL until 2021. He has taken 114 wickets in total in the 89 matches he has played until now. His best bowling average is 23 runs and 5 wickets. Apart from this, it is important to note that Bravo is also an excellent batsman and bowled 291.4 overs in which he also managed to make this record in the bowling category. His average is calculated to be 22.11 and the economy rate is 8.64. 

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