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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records – Highest Innings Totals

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which team has recorded the highest innings totals in the history of the World Cup?

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is the most interesting series of all times in the ODI format. It is held once in every four years and every team works hard to qualify in the criterion of ICC. It is rather an honour for a team to qualify and play in the tournament. Earlier few teams were allowed to participate but eventually the tap was increased to 10 teams who were allowed to compete against each other in this tournament. As the teams and players compete on the field, they tend to keep making records and hold statistics. Some records have been registered in history and have not been broken by even the best of the best. But some are broken by new players with enthusiasm and excellence in their blood. 

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Score Team Opponent Venue Date
417–6 (50 overs) Australia Afghanistan WACA Ground, Perth 4 March 2015
413–5 (50 overs) India Bermuda Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain 19 March 2007
411–4 (50 overs) South Africa Ireland Manuka Oval, Canberra 3 March 2015
408–5 (50 overs) South Africa West Indies Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney 27 February 2015
398–5 (50 overs) Sri Lanka Kenya Asgiriya Stadium, Kandy 6 March 1996
  1. Sri Lanka (398 Runs)

Sri Lanka holds the fifth position with 398 runs. The batters of Sri Lanka were literally on fire that day when they made 398 runs back in 1996. With only 5 wickets down, the team was able to make these runs in 50 overs. The opposing team was Kenya. Even though Sri Lanka is a more skilled team when compared to Kenya. The bowlers of Kenya could not stop the lashing of some of the most excellent players that the world had ever seen. 

  1. South Africa (408 Runs)

In 2015, South Africa made a record for the highest innings totals as well. They stood at fourth position with 408 runs on the scoreboard. They competed against the West Indies international cricket team and the batters went all out. They bashed the West Indies bowlers and did not leave them a chance to revive even until the last ball of the 50 overs. The team had lost only 5 wickets. The mid-level batting order took it all in their hands. 

  1. South Africa (411 Runs)

In 2015, another record was made by the South African team with 411 runs. This time, the team was competing against Ireland. It is well established that South Africa had some excellent batters. Ireland is also not a very competent team when compared to South Africa, but the bowlers did try their best. The batters found it an opportunity to make one of the highest scores that was ever recorded and formed history. 

  1. India (413 Runs)

The second position is given to the score by the Indian team in 2007. The batters made 413 runs against Bermuda. The Indian cricket team is definitely possessed with batters with breathtaking capabilities. The batters hit the balls out of the stadium and struck boundary after boundary. The Bermuda team was left with no words. The bowlers of the team knew that they lacked the juice to face the Indian cricket team, but they still tried their best to face up to the challenge. 

  1. Australia (417 Runs)

In the first position, proudly stands the Australian cricket team. In 2015, the team competed against the Afghanistan cricket team in Perth. As the match started and the first innings was played, the Australian batters quickly found their footing and understood the bowlers of Afghanistan team. Once that was done, there was no looking back. Australia made 417 runs in 50 overs with a loss of 6 wickets. The teams played very well but this day marked history in the record for the highest innings totals. 

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