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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records – Lowest Innings Totals

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Records and Statistics: Which team has recorded the lowest innings totals in the world cup history?

When the batters are hitting the ball out of the stadium one after another, it is really a sight to see. It’s like a party on every ball. An opportunity to yell with every boundary. ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup has seen several such exciting and thrilling moments since it started. Every 4 years, the tournament is played and it is always full of drama and focus. While some players outperform what they were expected to do, others let their fans down. In all these scenarios, the thing that matters the most is the score on the board. We have seen some excellent and unbelievable totals on the boards while we have also seen some disturbing and head pounding scores as well. 

If you are wondering which team to bet on and how the online cricket betting will favour a particular team, you have come to the right place. Khelraja is exceptional and skilled in giving you the most important details that you could think of. In the following table, we bring to you information on the lowest innings totals that were ever recorded in the history of the cricket world cup. 

Score Team Opponent Venue Date
36 (18.4 overs) Canada Sri Lanka Boland Bank Park, Paarl 19 February 2003
45 (40.3 overs) Canada England Old Trafford, Manchester 13 June 1979
45 (14 overs) Namibia Australia Senwes Park, Potchefstroom 27 February 2003
58 (18.5 overs) Bangladesh West Indies Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka 4 March 2011
68 (30.3 overs) Scotland West Indies Grace Road, Leicester 27 May 1999
  1. Scotland (68 Runs)

Scotland stands on the fifth position for the record of the lowest innings totals. When playing against the West Indies in 1999, the entire line up of the Scotland team could not stand the amazing bowlers of the West Indies international cricket team. Scotland could only make 68 runs in 30.3 overs and lost all of their wickets pretty fast. Where cricket fans wish to see some excellent batting performances on the field, Scotland really let everyone down that day. 

  1. Bangladesh (58 Runs)

The fourth position is reserved for the Bangladesh cricket team for the lowest innings totals ever recorded in the cricket world cup. In 2011, Bangladesh played against the West Indies as well and could not make more than 58 runs. The team lost all their wickets to the professional bowlers of the West Indies team in just 18.5 overs and paved the way for an easy victory for the West Indies batters. 

  1. Namibia (45 Runs)

Shame came to the Namibia team when they made only 45 runs in a match in 2003 against the Australian cricket team. Namibia is not a powerful team when compared to Australia but their team did not try hard enough to stand against the Australian bowlers that day as well. Namibia’s entire line up could not stand on the crease for more than 14.5 overs and wickets went down one after the other. It was actually a very easy win for the Australians that day. 

  1. Canada (45 Runs)

In 1979, the Canadian team made a record for the second highest lowest innings totals in the history of the cricket world cup. The team was competing against the powerful England team that day when they could not make more than 45 runs just like Namibia in 2003. The team could not stand their ground for more than 40.3 overs. A number of balls were wasted by the Canadian team before they gave up. 

  1. Canada (36 Runs)

The record for the lowest innings totals in cricket world cup history is owned by the Canadian international cricket team again. In 2003, Canada attempted to be a part of the major teams in the world cup but they could not prove themselves. They were competing against the Sri Lankan team that day when the entire line up could not make more than 36 runs in only 18.4 overs and lost all their wickets at a rather fast speed than what would be expected in an average game of cricket. 

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