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IPL Records – Most Centuries in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: Most Centuries in IPL History

One of the biggest achievements for any batsman today is to score a century for the team. In any format, the goal of any batter would be to hit a 100. In T20 cricket, the task is much tougher when compared to other formats where the number of overs is higher. For batters who are able to keep a fired-up power-hitting streak and scoring rate have a higher potential to make a century in T20 cricket. So, batters with a century are bound to be celebrated in our categories of records for the IPL matches. According to records, a total of 75 centuries have been recorded in IPL seasons over 16 years.

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1. Chris Gayle 142 4965 6
2. Virat Kohli 223 6624 5
3. Jos Buttler 82 2831 5
4. David Warner 162 5881 4
5. Shane Watson 145 3874 4

5. Shane Watson (4 Centuries)
Shane Watson shares the record with David Warner of making 4 centuries. It took him 145 matches to make 4 centuries. Otherwise, Shane has a record of 3874 runs in total from the different matches that he has played. Watson is also among the leading batsmen of the Australian cricket team and has showcased his proficiency time and again. He is an all-rounder with sound leadership qualities.

4. David Warner (4 Centuries)
David Warner is on the fourth position in the category of the most centuries recorded in IPL. Although he has the same number of centuries as Watson, he has a higher number of runs in total to his account as well. Warner has made about 5881 runs in 162 matches that he has played. He has a strong track record and carries a lot of records to his name in different categories. Warner was also an Australian cricketer who has performed incredibly well in different formats as well.

3. Jos Buttler (5 Centuries)
Jos Butler rests on the third position in the category of the most centuries in IPL. He has given a record of 5 centuries in just 82 matches. He shares the record with Virat Kohli but has a better average than his competitor. Butler is an England cricketer with an average of 40.07. His total number of runs scored might not be too high as he left in 2019 but his records are still unbreakable in the history of IPL.

2. Virat Kohli (5 Centuries)
Virat Kohli is a household name in India. He is a highly popular Indian cricketer who also has a number of records to his name. Kohli has never restricted himself from giving the best performance in different forms of cricket. In his short career span, he has broken several records and given many other cricketers a competitive spirit that no one expected. He is still in the prime of his career and continues to perform well in the direction of success.

1. Chris Gayle (6 Centuries)
Chris Gayle has recorded the maximum number of centuries in the IPL. He is a West Indies cricketer and managed to score 6 centuries in 13 seasons of IPL. He has played on behalf of some of the best IPL teams over time. These include Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings. Gayle is one name that is known by even the new cricket fans. His capability does not need more explanation.

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