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IPL Records and Statistics: Most Runs in IPL History

The Indian Premier League teams are flooded with batters and bowlers who have proven their worth time and again. Whether it is their performance for their national teams in ODIs or Test cricket, their experience speaks for themselves. As we run into the 16th IPL season, these players have continued to showcase their capabilities with the T20 format as well. A short number of overs raise the stakes and force players to give their best from the first ball itself. While some credit can be given to some pitches, the rest of it is directly given to the players for magnanimous performances in each match.

Let’s give a quick look to the batters who have scored the most run in the IPL history:

1. Virat Kohli 224 6706 113
2. Shikhar Dhawan 207 6284 106*
3. David Warner 163 5937 126
4. Rohit Sharma 228 5880 109*
5. Suresh Raina 206 5528 100*

5. Suresh Raina (5528 Runs)
Although Suresh Raina is not a part of the IPL anymore and took retirement in 2021, he still is one of the highest scoring batters in some categories. His highest score is 100 not out from a total of 206 matches. His total number of scored runs are 5528. However, due to poor performance in the previous matches, the CSK sponsors could not retain him. Every batter has his limitations and time, Raina served his after giving some records for others to strive to beat.

4. Rohit Sharma (5880 Runs)
When we talk about the highest number of runs, the digits can be in thousands, but it takes a lot of effort and consistency to actually reach the stage where some of these legends are sitting upon. Rohit Sharma has not only given excellent innings but has also successfully captained the Indian International cricket team for a long duration of time. His skill is an exemplification of his undying commitment towards cricket and love for his bat.

3. David Warner (5937 Runs)
No records in the IPL can be complete without the mention of David Warner. He has given 5937 runs to his team in just 163 matches. Although other players have recorded more runs when compared to Warner; however, his score is the highest if we take on the number of matches, he played. Warner’s highest score in IPL is 126 runs in a particular match and he has made a strong mark for himself with his performance that cannot be contested easily.

2. Shikhar Dhawan (6284 Runs)
Shikhar Dhawan is another spectacular cricketer who has a number of records to his name. With his consistent efforts, Dhawan attempts to stay on top. He continues to give beautiful innings on behalf of his team. The total number of highest runs scored by Dhawan is 6284 runs in just 228 matches. The difference between Warner and Dhawan is hardly 300 runs but Dhawan has played more matches.

1. Virat Kohli (6706 Runs)
Our top-ranking batsman in this category is Virat Kohli. He takes the number one position with 6706 runs. It is estimated that his record will increase this year-round with the 16th edition of the IPL. Kohli has managed to stay in form and throw the ball out of the boundary every chance he gets. He has played 224 matches and collected these runs with numerous fours, sixes and records of fifties and centuries to his name.

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