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IPL Records – Most Fours in IPL History



IPL Records and Statistics: MOST FOURS IN IPL HISTORY

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest T20 tournaments in the world today. It’s a festival for not only the Indians but also every cricket fan. Every team of the IPL is decorated with some of the biggest and the most sought-after cricketers. When every team has legends in them, the placement of some glass-shattering records is very nominal. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see some unbreakable records by players. When you check out the details of the records, you would literally be surprised by the names that come up and the number of Fours that the following batters have recorded.

The bat of a batter is like a breath to his survival. At Khelraja, you will love the crate of information we bring to you before you are all set to work your magic at the best online cricket betting website. Let’s check out the Most Fours that some of the leading batsmen have recorded during their tenure in the IPL matches:

Players Name Matches Runs Fours
1. Shikhar Dhawan 207 6244 707
2. Virat Kohli 224 6624 584
3. David Warner 163 5881 584
4. Rohit Sharma 228 5879 519
5. Suresh Raina 205 5528 506
6. Gautam Gambhir 154 4217 492

In 2023, IPL will have its 16th edition. With this, it’s giving an opportunity to batters to form more unbreakable records. In this category, Indian players have made the maximum number of records and given the IPL its meaning. The following sections briefly describe the contributions of the players.

5. Gautam Gambhir (492 Fours)
Gautam Gambhir is often ranked as one of the top opening batsmen. There are no introductions needed for the Gambhir magic. He has shown exceptional skills with his batting skills in the past. Even with the Indian cricket team, his batting was something that they could easily rely on. The same is the case with his performance in IPL, he has shown time and again that the swing of his bat is also enough to show some stars.

4. Suresh Raina (506 Fours)
Suresh Raina is one hell of a batsman. With the one-day international cricket format or the test cricket formats also, Raina has never failed to amaze the viewers. He has gathered quite a fan following with his contributions every step of the way. Cricket lovers literally look forward to his batting. With the new season, is Raina all set to make new records and climb higher up the ladder in this category? It’s worth a watch!

3. Rohit Sharma (519 Fours)
The captain of the Indian cricket team holds third place with 519 fours recorded. His IPL records are massive. His name flashes in almost every category when it comes to batting. Rohit Sharma has proved time and again that the value of a player is judged by his performance and the team does not matter if the head is in the right place. In just 5879 runs, he managed to get over 500 fours and bring his team closer to victory each time.

2. Virat Kohli and David Warner (584 Fours)
The second place in the category of records for the ‘Most Fours’ is held by two world-class players. Virat Kohli and David Warner share the space with 584 fours scored by each. With the IPL season of 2023, it is estimated that the scores will be balanced soon, and the players will work hard towards moving up the ladder and bringing down the heat. Kohli has been in form since the beginning and is focused on getting the maximum scores in his lap.

1. Shikhar Dhawan (707 Fours)
Shikhar Dhawan takes the lead with the batsman who has scored the most Fours in the IPL matches. He has been in form and strived towards taking his team toward victory. He is also known as the ‘Gabbar’ of IPL and is popular for his amazing performances on the field. Dhawan is now playing on behalf of the Delhi Capitals and strives to maintain his records.

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